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In the dead of night

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In The Dead Of Night The sky was clear and sprinkled with stars. She had thought to go for a walk. Her mother cautioned her not to go. Anything could be waiting for a pretty girl to come along in the forest. The forest was alive. Alive with the silent songs of trees. Was there a hint of warning in them? If the were was, she couldn't tell.Too busy gazing at the moon in its fullness. . What happened? She must've blacked out because the next time she opened her eyes, she was here. ...read more.


With the nail in hand, she waddled over to the wall and felt for the groove she'd already made. The door opened and what looked like a fairy in a green dress layed down a tray. On the tray was a cup of water and two slices of bread. She drank half of the water and ate one slice of bread. She held the cup to skin-and-bones's lips for her to drink. She put down the cup and tore a small corner off the slice of bread and she managed the chew and swallow the small morsel. ...read more.


As darkness came she worked away at the brick, she'd made deep grooves in two sides now. She listened to skin-and-bones thank her for feeding her. She'd thought she was an angel. And that's what she called her, because neither of the girls could recall their own names. That night skin-and-bones was the one sratching at the groove and feeling for any give. The brick was giving. Skin-and-bones smiled and wiggled the brick to loosen it up. Angel came to see what was happening, she picked up the nail and started scratching. Finally the brick fell. They pushed and pulled at the remaining bricks until they fell so that they could see the moon. They clasped hands and ran... Matsec: May 2006 Paper 2A Tuesday 10thMarch 2009 Sarah-Jane Baldacchino Form5.6 ...read more.

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