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In the extract of the novel Nervous Condition by Tsitsi Dangarembga, she makes it possible to sympathize for Tambu

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked In the extract of the novel ?Nervous Condition? by Tsitsi Dangarembga, she makes it possible to sympathize for Tambu. Babamukuru?s mistreatment towards Tambu, Tambu?s feeling, and her womanhood support this idea. Also, language devices and sound devices help make the reader sympathize deeply for Tambu. Dangarembga first helps sympathize through Babamaukuru?s mistreatment towards Tambu because she was suffering from his threats and his power over her. One can see through this example ?he threatened all sort of things.? This example shows that he treats her badly which would make the reader feel sad for her sufferings. In addition, ?Babamukuru was always categorical when he made these statements? and ?Nyasha suffered many more of them than I had.? These examples in the extract of the essay makes us feel sympathy to Tambu?s mistreatment and ...read more.


The reader could see the reason why she did not want to go to the wedding through this example, ?A wedding that made a mockery of the people I belonged to and placed doubt on my legitimate existence in this world.?Personification which is a language device adds more impact to feel a lot sorry because she said,? my mind had raced and spun and ended splitting into two disconnected that had long and frightening arguments.? Therefore, Tambu and her feelings make us be very sad and sorry for her because she is forced by Babamukuru even though she thinks that the wedding will reduce her parents to the level of the stars of ?comic show.? Furthermore, Dangarembga to make the reader sympathize deeply for Tambu is through her womanhood because she is not treated fairly like men or boys. ...read more.


Therefore, Dangarembga achieves the reader to sympathize for her wholeheartedly through Babamukuru?s lack of care and love for Tambu because of her womanhood. In final consideration, Dangarembga makes the reader feel a lot sorry for Tambu through Tambu?s, Babamukuru?s mistreatment to Tambu, and Tambu?s womanhood. These factors achieve making us sympathize for her because the readers can see that uncaring Babamakuru is forcing Tambu to go to the wedding which she thinks is a ?comic show.?Furthermore, language devices like personification and sound devices like consonants gives a lot more impact to Babamukuru?s anger or rage and other things. Therefore, Dangarembga makes the reader sympathize more deeply through factors like Tambu?s feeling and Babamukuru?s mistreatment with the help of language devices and sound devices. ...read more.

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