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In the film "the crucible" directed by Nicholas Hynter

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In the film "the crucible" directed by Nicholas Hynter based on the play by aurthur miller set in Salem 1692. The theme of individual conscience versus authority is present in this film. It is a relentlessly suspenseful drama of collective evil and personal conscience. Other texts of my choosing that relate to this theme is the "grapes of wrath" by John Steinbeck. The film is an emotionally moving story of guilt, love and redemption. Aurthur miller was struck by the incredible similarity between the hysteria in Salem in 1692 and the life in America society after World War 2. The fear of communism or the "red threat" viewed as an evil obstacle to the goal of world peace. ...read more.


It shows that "those who weep for corruption" shall hang. The film opens with a group of girls gathered in the woods. Mysterious music is playing whist having laughter of the children's escape from the restrictions. Throughout the film pathetic fallacy is used to show the darkness and evil. The main individual and protagonist in the film is John Proctor who is accused of witchcraft and adultery. He is a man with strong will and a powerful status in Salem. 'I will cut off my hand before I reach for you again' is an example of his strong will. Given the chance to confess and be free, he chooses to rather hang than lose his name and reputation. ...read more.


The main authority is the judges who prosecute Proctor. The follow the rule that those who are accused are guilty and those who question the court are suspected of guilt. Reverend Hale tries to help Proctor "I believe this man, this girl is false." It is the court that causes the hysteria in Salem, with the girls running to the river, creating a sense of chaos. When the trial was held with no village present, Hale focuses on Proctor. In that scene, john is holding mary and the girls eyes are averted in pretence of humility. Long silences are used to build tension. The camera moves slowly around her indicating her turmoil and conflict. The close up of Abigail shows her response and builds up the hysteria against Mary. ...read more.

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