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In the following, the discussion of the role that the inspector plays will be examined from different aspects.

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The Inspector In the following, the discussion of the role that the inspector plays will be examined from different aspects. These are the social historical background ad the 'catalyst effect'. 'The ghoul debate' is the issue of social conscience. The inspector is perhaps the key character in this drama, and the whole play is built is around the inspector and what he says. The inspector has an unsettling presence with the Birlings and the characters on the spot, which also intrigues the audience. The different aspects of these will be made clear as the essay proceeds. The social and historical context is made clear at the beginning. In particular, Authur Birlings speeches convey a great deal about the world that he lives. Authur Birling predicts that there will not be a world war 1 amongst other predictions. "I am talking as a hard headed practical man of business and I say there isn't any chance of war" (pg 6). These early comments reveal that Birling, 2 years before the start of the most vicious war of history is very complacent and optimistic. ...read more.


Now a more disturbing element is introduced to the play. This transition is gradual and apparent as the play goes on. Therefore, this is dramatic irony. This is evident even in the way the Inspector talks to the Inspector. The stage directions immediately indicate the inspector is a weighty figure, literally, "He creates at once an impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness" (pg 11). It is obvious that something focused about the inspector that contrasts with the family. Mr Birling has a great influence on the family as he tries to impress the inspector with his powerful connections but the inspector is not impressed. Mr Birling talks to inspector as if he is a subordinate. "Well what is it then" The inspector is then calm and composed and replies, "I would like some information, if you don't mind, Mr Birling... burnet her insides out of course (pg 11). The casual speech continues throughout the play. This for the dramatist the arrival of the inspector creates dramatic tension and introduces conflict and a problem around which the play may work. ...read more.


The inspector turns the different accounts into an ironic and bitter paraphrase "She came to you for help... and you not only refused it yourself but you sore to it that others do to" (pg 6). Mrs Birling later refers disparagingly to the girl getting above herself and her position. "The inspector replies that she now lies with her insides burnet inside out" (pg 46). The inspectors paraphrasing become to develop into a dramatic irony. The inspector also acts as a vehicle for ideas about equality and responsibility. At times, he becomes like a politician, acting a certain way. "One Eva Smith has gone... However, millions still remain... We do not live alone we are part of a body... If we don't learn this lesson then it will be taught in fire and blood". These quotes show that the inspector believes in a whole community and not every man for himself. I also think that the Inspector was ghost who was put there to teach the Birlings about right and wrong as shown in the final sentence of his speech. "But each of you helped to kill her remember that never forget it. Deepak Tailor 05/05/2007 An Inspector Calls Mrs Hampshire ...read more.

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