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In the introduction of Act One, we are given a few brief details about Mr Birling by the author. An Inspector Calls.

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In the introduction of Act One, we are given a few brief details about Mr Birling by the author. We are told that he is a 'heavy-looking, rather portentous man in his middle fifties with fairly easy manners but rather provincial in his speech.' So we already know that Mr Birling is a man of some meaning who is quite well mannered. Although, just by the way in which the author has mentioned that even though all those things are visible, the way he speaks shows him up. He is not a highly intellectual man of upper-class grace, but a man who still speaks with limited interests and narrow-minded views, a man who may well have moved up a level or two in social grouping but still lacks refinement and good taste. At the start of the play, we discover that the Birling's are in the middle of a dinner party, to celebrate the engagement of Mr Birling's daughter, Sheila to Gerald Croft, the son of a rival factory owner. Mr Birling behaves in a very high-spirited manner and is extremely overjoyed because he is pleased about his daughter's engagement. Some Fathers would be saddened to see their daughters married off and others maybe quite pleased because they are safe in the knowledge that their daughter has found a nice partner to care for them. However, Mr Birling appears to be more enthusiastic than the couple in question! He is very brave and aggressive. He would gain a great deal from this marriage as well. Now we know he is a brave but improperly self-assertive man who always declares himself to be true. ...read more.


In a chain reaction, he has taught his family that men are very important and women are primarily there to support them when needed. 'Just because the Kaiser makes a speech or two, or a few German officers have to much to drink and begin talking nonsense, you'll hear some people say that war's inevitable. And to that I say - fiddlesticks! The Germans don't want war, except some half-civilised folks in the Balkans. And war? There's too much at stake these days. Everything to lose and nothing to gain by war.' This was his first view or belief, which has gone terribly erroneous and has contained verisimilitude. He expresses his ignorance that wealth doesn't mean that war is never going to happen. He doesn't understand that some people want more than money, they may want something that money cannot buy. To say 'nobody' wants war is a very powerful and striking statement. He appears to be quite a clumsy man who says things without thinking first. He seems to believe that just because he thinks it won't happen it won't happen! By this we can assume that he is a man with a hint of arrogance, he lives in a closed society which is black and white. A closed world where everything is simple, everyone has the one goal in life, financial prosperity and everything is seen from 2D prospective, flat and plain with no complications. He is arrogant because he believes in himself so much that he believes he is always right. However, this is not completely awful for a person's personality because a person may simply be naive. ...read more.


He is angry but he knows what he is saying. However, it makes it worse because he is blaming his own son. Mr Birling is a very selfish man, a man who doesn't really know his children at all. He hasn't tried to listen to him at all throughout the play often telling Eric off for supposedly interrupting his great long lectures, in effect he doesn't care about what his son thinks let alone why his son may think in that way. 'Yes, and you don't realise yet all you've done. Most of this is bound to come out. There'll be a public scandal.' Mr Birling here conveys his self-obsession and becomes rather frantic about what other people will think of him and his public image. He doesn't want his reputation destroyed. 'You! You don't seem to dare about anything. But I care. I was almost certain for a knighthood in the next Honours List - ' He is again being a hypocrite, he cares about a titles medal but not a young girl's life, most certainly because she was a lower-class worker, and she tried to defy him. In conclusion Mr Birling is selfish, arrogant, self obsessed, and incompetent. He has no care for annoy other person around him, including his own family. He doesn't even know his children or even his wife. All he cares for is his own well being, his social status and playing up to other people's lives to be accepted which shows he leads a sad live. Amar Farmah Mr Birling in the play an 'Inspector calls' ...read more.

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