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In the Necklace, How does Guy de Maupassant succeed in creating a story which is populated by vivid and intriguing characters?

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How does Guy de Maupassant succeed in creating a story which is populated by vivid and intriguing characters? The story is set in olden time France when there was a very big difference in the social hierarchy and the activities of people; this had great effect on people's behaviour and character. Characters of this story are also affected in the same way. Mathilde Loisel is shown to be unsatisfied about her life, is jealous, greedy and materialistic. On the other hand, Monsieur Loisel is shown to be satisfied with his life (although of course he knows he could improve it, but he doesn't show that); he is also quite reasonable and caring. As the story progresses both their personalities change, Mathilde starts to become a better person and the husband shows more dominance and loyalty to wife. Firstly, Mathilde Loisel's identity is not mentioned until the second page and only referred to as "she" till then. This shows how her identity did not matter as neither did she, this shows how she felt like she was in the society, unknown, and how she wanted a "life of refinement and luxury instead" but was not getting what she wanted, this made her "unhappy all the time". ...read more.


This above incidents show us so much about the both characters. What we learn from it that's Mathilde is a materialistic, greedy and jealous person. We know this because the reason that she "never called" Frostier anymore is because she can't help it to being overcome by jealousy, which made her unhappy as she didn't have and wanted what Frostier did. We know that she is materialistic as she only went to Frostier this time because she wanted something, jewellery, from her. We also now know that she is greedy and hard to please as she asks Frostier if she has "got anything else", this is after Frostier has brought out a whole box of jewellery and still she wants more, wants better. Also, by the fact that started feeling unusual like "her heart began to beat with immoderate desire" and that her "hands shook" by the sight of just a necklace shows again how very materialistic she is that such a worldly thing makes her feel in such an odd way. Our materialistic image of her is then strengthened when "she threw her arms around her friend, kissed her extravagantly, and then ran home..." ...read more.


He cares of the wife and the consequences of this loss so much that he stays up all night and returns "at about seven o'clock" in search of the necklace. The fact that this sentence of him returning so late is in a short sentence, this emphasises to us that how much he had searched for and how difficult it was, though "he had found nothing." An example of him taking a more dominant approach in the relationship is when he says "look" while giving her instructions to follow. The fact that he uses a more commanding tone with the wife shows that he is going to be more in power now, the wife also lets him be commanding as she knows it was her fault and she realises that her husband is only trying his best to help her by staying out so late searching for it. In conclusion, Guy de Maupassant succeeds in creating a story which is populated by vivid and intriguing characters by the great use of language and some figurate language techniques, such as short sentences to get the point across about people's characters in a more effective way. Mainly he used relationships between the characters and their behaviours in those relationships to show the personalities of the fascinating characters themselves. ?? ?? ?? ?? Abbas Ali 829 10.3 ...read more.

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