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In the novel "Lord of the flies" both Ralph and Piggy demonstrate leadership qualities.

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In the novel lord of the files both Ralph and Piggy demonstrate qualities of a leader and others that would make you think otherwise. In this essay I will evaluate how each character has leadership qualities and how they are shown in the book. Firstly Ralph demonstrates leadership qualities by taking the lead on the expedition. He immediately seems like the one in charge. He is confident, "He hastened back into the forest." Ralph shows that he knows exactly what he is doing and is confident in his own judgement. This is a quality that leaders have, they are able to trust their own judgement and be a go-getter, Ralph shows a continuous sense of self-confidence in his actions and decisions and isn't afraid to take a leap of faith. ...read more.


He assumes that he and Ralph could not have been the only survivors from the plane crash and quickly devises a strategy to make every one accountable for themselves. This intellectual mind-set portrayed is a leadership quality, despite it not being as obvious in him due to his withdrawn, following nature. Also, from appearance Ralph seems like a good leader. He is describes as '' the fair boy'', as opposed to ''the fat boy''. This is significant because the writer uses contrast to make ralph look better outwardly and arguably make Piggy look better inwardly. The novel is a question on society's judgment on the word leader; what is a leader? is it appearance or content?. ...read more.


Ralph, on the other hand demonstrates attributes that are not normally considered leadership qualities. "They used to call me 'Piggy'. Ralph shrieked with laughter. He jumped up. 'Piggy! Piggy!". Ralph shows childishness in this passage which is an attribute that is not considered a leadership quality. Through Ralph's childishness we begin to consider how important Piggy is. We see Piggy although he does not evidently look it, is a far more mature boy. He calculates and makes educated conclusion's whereas Ralph seems to just be an adventurer and a depiction of a leader in those harsh times. As It was a time of war children would have been expected to have physical strength (to work for their guardian in the country) and mental strength. Ralph and Piggy alone do not have full leadership qualities enough to be a leader but collectively they join up to have essential skills for survival on a deserted Island ...read more.

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