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In the Novella, Of Mice and Men", Steinbeck introduces Curlys wife as a flirtatious character.

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In the Novella, ?Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck is introduces Curly?s wife as a flirtatious character which is leading to his death by the way that she is behaving towards the individual character throughout the story. In the novella, she?s first introduced by Candy, the swapper, who describes her from his perspectives to George and Lennie .The evidence showing this when Candy says that she, ?got the eye? in chapter three. This suggests us that she wants to have attention of people in the ranch by just looking for the people?s trouble in order to make her seem powerful and attractive. The phrase ?got the eyes? is also suggesting us that she likes to flirt with other man which tells us that she doesn?t feel the love towards Candy. ...read more.


She chooses to marry with boss?s son Candy to live in wealthy condition. The evidence showing this when Curlys wife says? soons he got back to Hollywood he was gonna write to me about it? to Lennie. This shows us that she is lonely character because she always looking for someone to share her dream and not to feel lonely. The evidence showing this when she says, ?I aint doing harm you? This suggests us that she is desperate to have someone to tell her dream and avoid her loneliness which makes the reader to feel sorry for her, even though she always wants to cause trouble on the characters in order to have attention. She slightly comes across with jealousy when she sees Candy and Lennie in Crooks room, the reason of this is because she thought that Crooks gets more respect than her which was unusual event to socialise with black people in that time. ...read more.


The reason that Steinbeck didn?t choose to include her name is because she shown as a property with no individual identity which reminding us that Curly is treating her like an object which doesn?t have value from peoples point of view. The evidence showing this when George mentions that she is a? tart? which suggest us that she always get referring to the particular object. This also links to the fact that the woman didn?t have rights and freedom unless you?re a famous person which was her dream to become a movie star. Steinbeck is presented Curly?s wife as angry woman who wants her dream to come true, even though she doesn?t have hope to come near to her dream which encourages her to behave in higher way to make herself feel important. The evidence showing this when she enters Crooks room and says ?they left all the weaker ones here?. ...read more.

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