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In the opening scene, what are your initial impressions of Frank and Rita? In Educating Rita

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In the opening scene, what are your initial impressions of Frank and Rita? In the opening scene of Educating Rita, both Frank and Rita show many different characteristics to their personalities. In some respects, they are quite similar, and in other respects, they are completely the opposite of each other. As the play begins, Frank is looking through his bookshelf. At first, it seems as though he is looking for a book, but it emerges that in fact he is trying to find a bottle of scotch, which he has hidden. From this, it is very clear that Frank may have a drink problem, and also that he is trying to hide it aswell. He goes on to pour the scotch into a coffee mug, as though he doesn't want anyone to notice. After this, his telephone rings, and Frank talks to his girlfriend. This conversation indicates firstly that he is in no rush to get home, for he says that he will stop off at the pub, which is a further indication of his drink problem. ...read more.


For example, when Rita talks about an actress, Farrah Fawcet Majors who was a famous actress staring in Charlie's Angles at the time, Frank knows nothing about her. Frank however is not just a miserable alcoholic. At times he shows that he has a good sense of humour, all be it a very dry one, and at times he can come out with sarcastic remarks. Overall, my initial impressions of Frank were that firstly, he is extremely bored of his job, and his lifestyle. This may well be why he also has an obvious drink problem. However, despite this, he seems like a very educated man, and shows at time that he is a good teacher. He is also very sharp, has quite a dry sense of humour, and can be very sarcastic, but he seems to be locked inside an academic culture of literature and education, and he seems very ignorant of what is happening in the world around him, and at times also shows a low self-esteem, and lack of enthusiasm for his work. ...read more.


She has quite a child-like view on many things, and will look at things quite ignorantly. Rita is also very amusing. Partly, she is amusing just by the way she acts, and talks, but she also has a very good sense of humour, and can be very funny. Perhaps another thing about Rita though, is that she has a vulnerable side to her. For example, when she asks what "assonance is" quite out of the blue, Frank laughs. However Rita instantly says "Don't laugh at me." Perhaps indicating a slightly more vulnerable side to her personality, and although she jokes around, is deadly serious, and determined about learning, and becoming educated. She clearly wants to break away from the culture she has grown up in, and is determined to reach her goals. Overall, I would say that Rita is a very determined, ambitious person. She is uneducated, yet shows intelligence, and is very observant. She also has a very good sense of humour, but can seem a bit vulnerable at times, and is clearly very serious about receiving an education. David Seckington U5M ...read more.

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