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In the play Antony and Cleopatra, the character of Cleopatra is one of many dimensions and be seen a person of complex diversity. Her personality is mainly about taking life as one big celebration most of her time in Egypt. Cleopatra loves the richness of

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In the play Antony and Cleopatra, the character of Cleopatra is one of many dimensions and be seen a person of complex diversity. Her personality is mainly about taking life as one big celebration most of her time in Egypt. Cleopatra loves the richness of her own queen status and loves the celebration that comes with it. Her personality varies because she can change from being a woman with dignity to a woman acting insane. Her sudden changes in behaviour are often difficult to predict or comprehend and happen frequently throughout the play. You can never guess what Cleopatra is going to next. This is why Enobarbus observes Cleopatra as if she has 'infinite variety'. Whether it is an accurate observation is what people question when looking at the famous Enobarbus speech of Cleopatra. She mainly deserves this famous tribute from Enobarbus for many reasons. "Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale/Her infinite variety"(2.2.235-236). There are many reasons that Enobarbus' observation of Cleopatra's infinite variety is an accurate observation. Firstly Act 2:Scene 2 sees Enobarbus talking openly to Agrippa and Maecenas about Cleopatra's wild and wonderful ways. ...read more.


'Now my dearest queen' However this time he does not meet to her demands and say that he is going to leave her. Cleopatra is not that ill because she keeps on talking and manipulating, reminding him about the past. She is trying to make him feel guilty so he will not leave her. This portrays Cleopatra as selfish and what she wants is what she gets. She even mocks Antony about fertility and the affair they had. She is pretending to feel sorry for Fulvia. This is rich because she is the one who caused the affair between herself and Antony. Dramatic irony is used because Cleopatra says that Antony has been lying, when ironically she is the one who is lying about her illness. There is a total change within her when Antony says he is leaving. She recognises that she has lost the battle. She becomes for dignified and queen like again and therefore forgives him. "And I am all forgotten" (1.3.91) Cleopatra in short space of time changes mood dramatically, from being playful, angry and unloving to a dignified queen. ...read more.


She compares then to her Antony, so therefore has control over him and uses them to control the death of her life. You could say that the poison of Cleopatra's tongue is as poisonous as a snake's venom, because she has always managed to trap Antony where she wanted him. Although Enobarbus' speech of Cleopatra may be lyrical and over the top and you may not believe his observation because of many reasons, however in the play there are many varieties in which are within Cleopatra. These include her use of playing games to get what she wants, how she is compared to snakes within the play, the way she loves drama and acting, her need to fill her satisfaction and the genuine side of Cleopatra, her true feelings for Antony. These varieties show that Cleopatra has infinite variety and she uses it accordingly when the time is appropriate. Sometimes these variations within her can bring out the vilest things in her which she does not realise she is doing until after the event like when she betrayed Antony. So therefore from finding out that Cleopatra has many variations of her personality, that Enobarbus' observation of Cleopatra is an accurate one because she has infinite variety within her personality. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jessica Giles 3rd January 2005 Page 1 ...read more.

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