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In the play 'Educating Rita' by Willy Russell, the character of Rita changes throughout the play. I intend to explain why this character changed.

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Educating Rita In the play 'Educating Rita' by Willy Russell, the character of Rita changes throughout the play. I intend to explain why this character changed. I will state whether I thought this was a change for the better or worse. Rita changes at the beginning, middle and end of the play. The play is set in the North of England. The only characters in the play are Rita and Frank. Rita is twenty-seven years old, married to Deny and a ladies hairdresser. Rita has decided to go on a course at the Open University. She wants to study English literature. Rita wants to change and become a different person. Rita has never sat an exam. Frank is her lecturer and an alcoholic. Frank doesn't want Rita to change. He thins she is unique. Rita does change at the end of the play. The themes are breakdown in a marriage and education. The opening scene shows Frank looking for a bottle of whisky hidden behind books, "jubilantly he moves to the Dickens section and pulls out a pile of books to reveal a bottle of whisky". ...read more.


She has more confidence, "I can do it". She is starting to learn how to write better, when she was writing an essay on Peer Gynt, she put down "do it on the radio", it is a clever answer but it still isn't a good essay. Her husband thought Peer Gynt was a man not a book. Rita still cares about her husband but she called him "thick". Her husband doesn't like her doing her work in the house so she does it at the hairdressers, "I didn't have time the shop was busy". Frank doesn't approve of this. Her education is getting in the road of her marriage. She can't relate to her husband or friends anymore so she calls herself a "half cast". She doesn't know where she belongs any more. She asks Deny to go to the theatre with her but he wants to go to the "beer keg". She goes to see Macbeth, then rushes to tell Frank, "you'll never guess what. I went to the theatre". Frank invites Rita to go to a party at his house, "I couldn't go in". ...read more.


Rita gets a new job in a bistro and doesn't tell Frank, "There was a time when you used to tell me everything". She doesn't depend on Frank any more. She thinks Frank wants to talk about "irrelevant rubbish". Frank is the only one that calls her Rita "I dropped that pretentious crap when I saw what it was". Her real name is Susan but she called herself Rita after an author of a book she liked. She knows "what wine to buy. What clothes to wear. What books to read" before she would have relied on Frank to tell her. Frank is drinking more heavily. She passes her exams with distinction. She is happier with her life, even though Frank doesn't approve of it. They both become friends again at the end. The play "Educating Rita" by Willy Russell shows the struggle that Rita went through to change. How the breakdown in the marriage forced her to get a new life. The character of Rita changes at the beginning, middle and end of the play. I think Rita has changed for the better because she has got what she wants in life and is happier however Rita is not unique and is too much like Frank. Samantha Foylan ...read more.

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