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In the play, The Glass Menagerie, Scene One provides an insight into the events yet to come.

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In the play, The Glass Menagerie, Scene One provides an insight into the events yet to come. It introduces the Wingfield family, giving a clear description of their lifestyle and personal behaviours. The Wingfield apartment is described as a small unit in an overcrowded and dirty urban slum. Visible outside is a fire escape, which holds symbolic weight, as it illustrates Tom's desperation for escape. He says that the buildings are burning with the "implacable fires of human desperation." Tom is the narrator of the play and is first seen dressed as a merchant sailor. He informs the audience as to the period in which the play is set, that is the thirties. ...read more.


However, her softer side is revealed when Laura tries to clear the table, but Amanda tells her to sit and be the lady while she does the work. Another important visible symbol is that of Laura's glass menagerie, of which the play is named after. This collection can be compared to Laura, as it is as fragile as her emotions. Laura, unlike her mother Amanda, has learnt to accept the fact that she is a cripple and does not expect to have any gentleman callers. Instead, she is seen as a shy young woman who has retreated herself from society. Amanda is obsessed with the fact that Laura has not had any gentleman callers, and is determined to change that. ...read more.


He left sixteen years before the action of the play takes place, and is described as "a long distance man who fell in love with long distances", the only correspondence they'd had from him since he left was a postcard from Matzalan, Mexico that simply said, "Hello -- Goodbye!" From her reminiscence of her past life, we learn that Amanda had had many gentlemen callers, as much as seventeen in one day. She attempts to relive her past life through Laura, and seems oblivious to Laura's painful shyness, and Tom's unhappiness. Laura tells her mother that no gentlemen callers would stop by, (because she is not very popular), which causes Amanda to suggest that there had been some sort of natural disaster to prevent them from coming. Amanda then begins to worry that Laura will become an old maid. ...read more.

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