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In the poems "London" by William Blake and "Iguana Memory" by Grace Nichols there are many different ideas and themes which are expressed in different ways

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"The kind of feelings and ideas explored in a poem are always determined by the poet's use of form" Examine the different ways poets explore ideas and feelings. In the poems "London" by William Blake and "Iguana Memory" by Grace Nichols there are many different ideas and themes which are expressed in different ways, however the form of the poem is not the only method used to convey these to the audience. In "London" Blake uses a conventional rhyme scheme throughout, there is an ABAB pattern. "...cry of every man....voice in every ban" By using this simple scheme the poem seems to be repetitive and regular. This may be used to illustrate London in terms of the city being quite dull and without life. This idea is also put across by use of adjectives and the other words used to describe the setting. ...read more.


The idea of excitement within the writer is also put across through the use of alliteration. "big like big big lizard..." Not only is this again childlike language but the repetition makes the reader read the poem at a faster pace, which is like an excited child. This could also be perceived as a representation of the lizard, running quickly across the path way and showing how brief the moment that the poem is explaining was. This speed is also increased by Nichols through the use of little punctuation. There is not a single full stop or comma within the poem. In London one major idea is the divide between poverty and royalty. This is to represent largely through the use of words which produce connotations to certain images. Such as the word "palace" instantly makes the reader think of grand buildings and richness. ...read more.


The child and the youth in "Iguana Memory" is also reinforced through the use imagery and colour connotation. "...for the green of its life" The word green is a strong word in terms of its power and ability to easily produce thoughts in the readers mind. It forces the reader to imagine freshness and youth in whatever is being described, in this case being the Iguana. Also through the poem as the reader I gather the thought that Nichols intended for us to believe that the child and the iguana are nearly one with each other. Not in a spiritual way but they are extremely similar in the way that they act and move, the way that they care for the world. Therefore this makes the child, again, seem exciting and fresh. In conclusion I do think that the form of each of the poems plays an important role in the exploration of ideas and feelings however there are many more techniques which do this job in a more effective way. ...read more.

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