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In the poems Sonnet 130, Havisham, Kid and On my first Sonne, the key rheme of love is explored. Traditionally, love in poems is romantic but other interpretations of love theme are also explored

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Compare how love is presented in Sonnet 130 to how love is presented in one poem by Duffy, one by Armitage and another pre-1914 poem. In the poems Sonnet 130, Havisham, Kid and On my first Sonne, the key rheme of love is explored. Traditionally, love in poems is romantic but other interpretations of love theme are also explored, such as parent and child, idolised love, friendship and sibling love. In these poems, other emotions that reside with different types of love are also explored. Sonnet 130 presents love in a more realistic form, with Shakespeare mocking the idea of traditional love poetry. Havisham explores themes of bitterness, anger, hatred and revenge. Kid tells the story of how the idol grew up to be a has-been. On my first Sonne features Ben Jonson and a eulogy-style poem for his dead son. Sonnet 130 explores the idea of untraditional love poems. It almost mocks traditional love poems, destroying commonly used similes such as "her eyes are like the sun" with "My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun". ...read more.


Armitage explores the transition from the innocence of Robin in childhood to the experience of an adult world that Robin did not understand when he was Batman's sidekick. The transition involves the gaining of freedom, but also the loss of security and comfort. The poem also sees Robin blurting out Batman's secrets, as if he's angry and had been suppressing the anger for longer than first thought. Armitage writes, "that caper with the married woman, how you took her downtown on expenses," as if explaining an affair Batman had with a married woman, the poem sees Robin telling the world all the bad things their supposed hero Batman did. We do not know exactly why Robin is so frustrated with Batman's actions, however, he expresses it as though Batman does not care for his sidekick. Armitage writes "let me loose to wander leeward, freely through the wild blue yonder, as you liked to say, or ditched me, rather." 'Wild blue yonder' suggests a sense of loneliness and makes Robin seem scared. Robin also tries to prove in the poem that he doesn't need Batman, and he also says "stewing over chicken giblets", as chicken giblets are the leftovers, he tries to insinuate that Batman is a leftover, the previously unwanted part. ...read more.


Sonnet 130's structure is that of a sonnet, traditional love poem form. This structure emphasizes the overall mockery of traditional poems. The rhyme scheme - ABAB - lets the poem flow and is easy to read. 'Havisham' uses enjambment frequently, although has no overall structure. This gives the poem monologue effect, like it is unprepared speech. The lack of structure also gives a harsh comparison to Havisham's overtly structured lifestyle of sitting in her room all day. 'Kid' is a comical monologue. It also uses enjambment. 'On my first Sonne' uses iambic pentameter which mimics the effect of speech. He also uses rhyming couplets. In my opinion, the way that the poems link to eachother is vague, but still clear to the readers. I think that all love poems can be linked together, as it is a universal theme that is felt by all cultures, all people and everyone. I think that while each poem has its individual story and 'theme', and each theme tries to help the reader interpret the individual sub-theme of love that it featured. ...read more.

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