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In The Shadow of the Glen.

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In The Shadow of the Glen In the shadow of the Glen was written by J M Synge in 1914. Even before it was shown to anybody it caused arguments within the Irish Society because some people thought the play was shocking and unpatriotic and was an insult against Irish womanhood. The main point of the play was to celebrate Irish culture and Irish writers but it seemed to turn against Synge. In the shadow of the Glen have four main characters in it. Nora Burke is the only female in the play and is very seductive and flirtatious. He is the wife of Dan Burke who was a farmer and a shepherd. There is Michael Dara whom has a small part in the play yet has an important role. He comes across to the audience as young and naive. And the last is the tramp that represents the audience and knows of Dan's plot and also knows of secondary characters like Darcy. He is shown as a good character that wants to help people. Nora is a character that has a relationship with everyone. She has a relationship with her husband, a relationship with the tramp whom she invites in her house and talks to throughout the play and she has a relationship with Michael Dara, a young shepherd whom she wants to marry. She also has relationships with the secondary characters such as Darcy - a man that was "in her life and had made her happy when she was lonely." ...read more.


She then lightens the mood and offers the tramp the whisky and Dan's pipe. The tramp and Nora get talking and Nora tells the tramp that she is sacred of being alone, "I'm thinking many would be afeard, but I never knew what way I'd be afeard of beggar or bishop or of any man of you at all... It's other things than the like of you, stranger as if you were easily afeard." The question then in the audience's mind is does she want something? or is she indicating something? The tramp then talks about Darcy, and Nora, who we know later has an affair with Darcy, is interested in what the tramp has to say about him, and enquires about him. The tramp then describes when and where he met Darcy and how he got to know him. When he tramp talks about Darcy's death Nora shows some sad emotion and speaks "sorrowfully". This shows she is sadder about Darcy's death then her own husbands. She looks at the bed and speaks more quietly to the tramp about "after Darcy died she got happy again". This indicates she is having another affair and that she cannot talk about Darcy around Dan, even if he is dead. This portrays Nora as being an unfaithful wife to Dan as she was having an affair with Darcy whilst he was alive and having one in his last few days or months. ...read more.


Michael is then very scared and begs for forgiveness. When Dan wants to throw Nora out he can only offer a refuge but not at his house. At this Nora is very scared a she would be alone and starts to flirt with Dan. This could be because she thinks if she flirts with him and shows him that she loves him the he would let her stay with him. But when this doesn't work she curses him. This shows that she is using him and that she doesn't love him. At the end the tramp to help Nora and they walk out. Nora does not enjoy the idea of not living in a house with no roof over her head as she explains to the tramp, "I'm thinking it's myself will be wheezing that time with lying down under the Heavens when the night is cold," and that she does not appreciate the tramp's description of the magic of a grand morning when she describes to the tramp "What good is a grand morning when I'm destroyed surely, and I going out to get my death walking on the roads." Nora obviously found her punishment unfair as she thought Dan was dead. She did not to be lonely and financially unstable so she acted on this thought alone. I think the writer presented her character well as it was a hard role to write. She had a lot of emotions, which were hard to display, but the point was clear. In The Shadow of the Glen Page 1 Chandni Madhvani ...read more.

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