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In the short story "Because My Father Said He Was The Only Indian Who Saw Jimi Hendrix Play "the star spangledbanner" At Woodstock." The main character shows thatsometimes you have to let the bad things in life go and hang on to t...

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Paying a price 10.25.02. In the short story "Because My Father Said He Was The Only Indian Who Saw Jimi Hendrix Play "the star spangled banner" At Woodstock." The main character shows that sometimes you have to let the bad things in life go and hang on to the good memories in order to live with the future. He shows this by hitchhiking to Woodstock after he was in jail for protesting against war. After he heard "the star spangled banner" at Woodstock he played the tape every night for the next twenty years. The main character also shows this by telling us that you must forget the bad and remember the good. ...read more.


Right after jail the father went to Woodstock to for get about all the pain he went through. The main character figuratively became drinking buddies with Jimi Hendrix. He continued to play the tape he got a Woodstock for twenty years. This caused a result of the family growing further and further apart. "Jimi Hendrix and my father became drinking buddies. Jimi Hendrix waited for my father to come home after a long night of drinking."(49) The main character would feel so guilty the day after a drinking binge that he would tell his child stories to make up for it, why it was more looked down upon if a Indian man left his children, than if I white man did. ...read more.


He plays Jimi and remembers the good times at Woodstock and his early memories. The way you look at life and the things that you remember will help you in the future. The main character in this short story by Sherman Alexie, left his family, his wife said that half of the reason that the family was torn apart was by Jimi Hendrix. "This might be the only marriage broken up be a dead guitar player" ( 53). The father likes to be alone more than he likes to be with other people even his own family. And the only thing that the father has left is his Jimi Hendrix tape. The father cannot see his son grow up he can't be with his wife and he has no one to love. How else would the father be able to survive with the choices he made? ...read more.

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