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In the stories, The Red Room, written by H G Wells and The Signalman by Charles Dickens, the language creates a weird and frightening tension .

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English Essay In the stories, The Red Room, written by H G Wells and The Signalman by Charles Dickens, the language creates a weird and frightening tension . Throughout, The Signalman has suspense and the tension is gripping, as the author, Dickens, has used exceedingly good description in the language and the setting is just perfect. Dickens had an advantage when writing this story as there were similarities between himself and some of the characters; since he had been involved in a train accident himself. He creates mystery in this book very well. He uses repetition in the book, as the phrase, 'Halloa! Below there!' was repeated at least three times in the story. The language used in this story sets the setting perfectly, here is an example, 'a dripping wet wall of gagged stone excluding all but a strip of sky,' it tells you, the reader, that it is a weird place and it says what it feels like and looks like. ...read more.


and the only thing really in the room is FEAR! An extract from the story emphasises how good the descriptive language is to create the setting. 'I caught a glimpse of myself, abbreviated and broadened to an impossible sturdiness in the queer old mirror.' This gives the effect that just one of the many things is in place. The mirror distorts him so that he looks ill-formed like the three strange characters in the story. Another well written extract is this, 'One man with a withered arm, the woman swaying from side to side, and the other man with a single bent crutch...' '...he had wrinkled eyes covered by the shade, and he constantly coughed and spluttered.' This sets the scene that the place is weird and unique as they are grotesque and distorted old people, weird, with the feel of decay and death about them. ...read more.


Whereas, The Red Room was set in an old ruined castle. Finally, The Signalman and The Red Room were set in different times in the Victorian period. Charles Dickens' story was set in middle Victorian times, whilst H G Wells' was set later, when it was a new time of discovery, when literature was more recent possibly. In conclusion, I find that the stories both have excellent tension in them throughout. An extract from The Red Room, I especially liked was, '... However, the brooding expectation of the vigil weighed heavily upon me. It was after midnight that the candle in the alcove suddenly went out, and that black shadow sprang back to its place there ...' The suspense is well built as the language of the story was great. I believe that the stories have 19th century language and the atmosphere created fits the stories perfectly. The vocabulary was fairly aged compared to today's language. By Joshua Gill 9 Violet Set 2 ...read more.

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