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In the story of 'Blood Brothers', I am going to introduce the situation between two boys, which are twins, but are separated at birth and both of the boys grow up in different environments.

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Introduction It is a widely held belief that we are born innocent and our environment largely governs our path through life. The environment may be described as physical location, cultural influence and the society around you. However, there are those who would argue that genetics plays an equally, if not more important role. Essay In the story of 'Blood Brothers', I am going to introduce the situation between two boys, which are twins, but are separated at birth and both of the boys grow up in different environments. Mickey lives with his biological mother, Mrs Johnstone, and his seven siblings. His father had walked out and left his wife and children, while his wife was pregnant with Edward and Mickey. We know this when Mrs Johnstone tells the reader at the beginning of the story, she says: "Me husband, he'd walked out on me A month or two ago For a girl they say who looks a bit like Marilyn Monroe." Mrs Johnstone's husband found her attractive, since she looked like Marilyn Monroe, knowing this when Mrs Johnstone says: "He told me I was sexier than Marilyn Monroe" Mickey came from a poor background, his mother was always in debt, and she needed money for the children's meals, toys and clothes. ...read more.


This reason is because Mr and Mrs Lyons are unable to have a child of their own. So Mrs Lyons then wanted to adopt a child, but Mr Lyons disagrees in adoption because he wants a child of his own, not some else's. This evidence is told when Mrs Lyons telling Mrs Johnstone. "We've been trying for such a long time now...I wanted to adopt but...Mr Lyons is... Well he says he wanted his own son, not someone else's. Myself, I believe that an adopted child can become one's own" So when Mr Lyons went away on his business trip, Mrs Lyons persuaded her cleaner which is Mrs Johnstone to give one of he children to Mrs Lyons, since Mrs Johnstone was having twins. Mr and Mrs Lyons are very rich and they live in a big house, so Edward grows up in a privileged and comfortable environment. Mrs Lyons makes Mrs Johnstone promise on the bible that Mrs Johnstone will give one of her child to Mrs Lyons, the narrator says: "In the name of Jesus, the thing was done, now there's no going back, for anyone. It's too late now, for feeling torn. ...read more.


Oh Edward, look, look at those birds.... Look at the lovely black and white one...." Edward immediately says "Don't mummy, don't look. It's a magpie, never look at one magpie. It's one for sorrow..." Mrs Lyons said "Edward.... That's just stupid superstition" Edward replies "It's not, mickey told me" Therefore Edward believes in superstition, also like Mrs Johnstone, for example when Mrs Lyons put new shoes on the table, Mrs Johnstone immediately said: "Never put new shoes on the table.... You never know what'll happen" Edward likes Mickey's company because they are very different from each other although they are blood brothers, for example when Mickey is talking to Edward, Edward admires the way that Mickey talks and Edward admires mickey very much. Edward says: "Pissed off. You say smashing things don't you? Do you know anymore words like that?" When Linda needed help she had Edward by her side. For instance when Mickey couldn't find a job Linda turn to Mickey. Conclusion I think that the environment around us determines our lives because it depends where we are, whom we are with. The way we become around other people everyday, the way we are brought up by our parents and the habits and dislikes we have. Like for instance Mickey and Edward are "Blood Brothers," but grew up in differently in different environments. ?? ?? ?? ?? Natasha Parmar 10KD ...read more.

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