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In the story we have been studying, 'Tony Kytes the arch deceiver' and seeing a beauty queen home'

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In the story we have been studying, 'Tony Kytes the arch deceiver' and seeing a beuty queen home' we have found out that Tony Kytes is looking to marry, however Rudy is only looking for some female attention, we know this because a quote from the story says, "...it was soon said that they were engaged to be married." We know that Rudy just wants some female attention because he says, "we'd dance the ugliest girl in town as long as she could dance", which means that he just wants the women for this particular night. Tony Kytes does not really respect women, we know this because at the end of the story he asks each women in turn if they will marry him. Milly who was last choice accepts him, "well, will you unity deer, will you be mine". But Unity does not want to be second choice after Hannah. We know this because she says, "take her leavings,not I!" We know that Rudy also does not have much respect for women when he has to decide weather to spend money on her, he says, "but being a beauty queen, I thought she was worth spending two pence on." ...read more.


he knew it Milly came so he panicked and told her to go under the tavern and let Milly come on and the same thing happened when Hannah came, and suddenly he found himself in a mess. Rudy however knows exactly what he is doing and at the end he gets kicked out because he is too smart. We know this because at theend Maggie kicks him out because he is too smart, "you're too bloody smart." Both characteristics aren't arch deceivers. Although Rudy is the closest to becoming an arch deceiver. Toney does not become an arch deceiver because at the end he puts himself in a mess which is ironic because the story title refers to him as an arch deceiver. Rudy gets in to the "cotton town beauty queen's" house which makes him more of an arch deceiver then Tony. Also earlier in the story, Rudy fools the grandma by pretending he is a family friend 'Earny' and that's when Maggie (the beauty queen) finds out that he is "too bloody smart". Rudy & Tony both depend on an opinion. ...read more.


Rudy also fails to get what he wants, simply because he is too smart, Maggie fears that she might be fooled by him too so she does not want him in the house. I think Rudy uses more women because he said he used to run his eye over them, "I'd run my eye over them, and the one my eye rested on would come running". This quote tells us that when ever he used to rest his eye on one she would come running, which means every time he goes he gets a women. Tony how ever only had one wife to get married to and that's all. I think that the story shows that Maggie is a more assertive and independent minded women because she knows that Rudy is too smart, and she was right because Rudy didn't love her anyway, it was just because of her title. In 'Tony Kytes The Arch Deceiver' unity is the most independent minded women because she does not want to be second choice, because she knows that as long as they live Tony would have still preferred Hannah then her. Milly is probably the least independent women because she is still happy being Tony's wife even though she is third choice. ...read more.

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