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In this assignment, I am going to express my opinion in that I believe that Macbeth is the most evil rather than Lady Macbeth.

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S Macbeth In this assignment, I am going to express my opinion in that I believe that Macbeth is the most evil rather than Lady Macbeth. The play "Macbeth" was probably performed for the king for the first time at Hampton Court in the early sixteenth hundred. King James I would have been in the audience and would have been delighted to see this play. Not only did it show that witches were real, and could be a danger to kings, it also tells a story of the downfall of a man who killed a king. He himself had recently survived an attempt on his own life and that murder is now called The Gunpowder Plot. At the beginning of the play, Macbeth is regarded as a courageous soldier fighting for his country. Macbeth was portrayed as a hero, when he defeated Norway in a war for his country. Initially, the audiences consider Macbeth as a respectable and well-liked character. Macbeth is also a loyal servant to the king, full of trustworthiness and is respected by other soldiers. "He was a gentleman on whom I built an absolute trust." Shakespeare used a dramatic irony to emphasise that Macbeth is an evil person who is trusted by others can betray his own king. ...read more.


Nevertheless, the source of the main evil deed may not have come from Macbeth himself. "....a wolf's tooth, a root of poisonous hemlock, the finger of a strangled baby...." These disgusting images are the ingredients that witches use for their spell. The language used also shows the outstanding actions of innocence and the ability to be wounded by the witches. This connects the theme of the desire to bring all good things to evil that have been effected by the evil spirits is one of an absolute evil. The evilness of the witches has changed Macbeth from a brave warrior to an evil, murderous traitor. "By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes." Again, this rhyme is significant as it illustrates the change in Macbeth in the play, even the witches consider him to be evil. It is not very surprising when we look back what Macbeth has left behind him. A man who has been driven by his ambition to be a king has led to a chain of unstoppable murders. "Stars, hide your fires, Let not light see my black and deep desires." According to this quote, we can see clearly Macbeth's true feelings towards Duncan. ...read more.


"Thanks for that" Macbeth is glad of the Banquo's death because nothing will stop him from being a king. This emphasised that the evil spirit inside Macbeth guides him to become a traitor. Macbeth has become deeply involved in the game of murder. Macduff, who probably has a suspicion about Macbeth, did not turn up to the feast. Macbeth has to carry on killing, as he is addicted to it so he took one little step further when he killed innocent people. He killed Lady Macduff and her sons. This shows that Macbeth has caused disorder of Scotland. Again, this shows the pure evilness of Macbeth, which ambition being the main source. In conclusion, Macbeth is for the most part, responsible for the evil deeds. The witches only played a very small part in the evil deeds. Macbeth chose his own fate by believing in the witches and giving into temptation, both from the witches and the guidance from Lady Macbeth. The only thing driven him on is his own selfish ambition. He worries that his ambition may be greater than his ability to achieve it. He may be like a horse that tries to jump over a fence that is too high and ends up falling to destruction. A horseman who tries to vault too hastily onto his horse's back and finishes up falling off the other side. Syazana Ahmad Nordin 11 GD2 Macbeth (2003) ...read more.

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