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In this assignment I am going to write about two stories, the Withered Arm written by Thomas Hardy and The Monkey's Paw by W.W.Jacobs.

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Assignment 2 - Prose Study In this assignment I am going to write about two stories, the Withered Arm written by Thomas Hardy and The Monkey's Paw by W.W.Jacobs. The main characters I am going to write about are Rhoda Brooks and Gertrude lodge from the withered arm, Sergeant major and Mr White from the Monkey's Paw. I have chosen to write about the characters because they are the main interesting characters as well as being most popular in the stories. The first person I am going to write about is Rhoda brooks, "A thin fading women". Rhoda is also described in a way as being lonely as she lives on her own with her son. The story does not tell of her being married, but we do know she has a son, who is described as a naughty and mischievous boy, "He was cutting a notch with his pocket knife in the beached backed chair". We do find out during the story that farmer lodge is the farther of Rhoda Brook's son, from this we might be able to tell that farmer lodge and Rhoda brook may have had an affair at one time or a maybe a one off. At the beginning of the story Rhoda Brooks is upset and doesn't like it at work because Farmer Lodge has just been newly wed and everyone is talking about the new arrival of the new girl into the town "He do bring home his bride tomorrow, I hear". During this conversation Rhoda Brook seems to not want the others to talk about the new marriage as she says: "Now then, what the Turk do it matter to us about Farmer Lodge's age or his new misses? .... I shall have to pay him nine pound a year for the rent .... Whatever his age or hers .... Get on with your work". ...read more.


As she realises the body is of Rhoda's son her illness makes her very ill and gets she gets really week and soon after she passes away. Gertrude must have been very upset when she finds out that her husband lied to her saying he had to go away from home to do business when he goes to see Rhoda and her son before he is executed. I think the character of Gertrude lodge has changed dramatically from the beginning to the end of the story as she has discovered the very bad illness. I think she has changed from being a pretty and sweet woman to a sort of lonely and miserable women. The illness has changed the whole character of Gertrude as anyone who is ill would change and wouldn't be the same as before unless the illness has changed them back to normal. I think that Gertrude must have been very shocked when she finds out that the corpse she is going to touch is then son on Rhoda and that her husband has gone to see Rhoda, lying to her saying he has business to do away from home. Overall I think the character of Gertrude has changed, but I think she did not deserve the illness she got from the thought of Rhoda grabbling her arm in her dream while she is sitting upon her. Rhoda is very jealous that Farmer Lodge has married a pretty and beautiful girl like Gertrude, and that's why she has the thought of hurting her. Gertrude really wants the illness to go away really badly as she is very ill and she travels a great distance just to try and cure her illness. She hides a lot from her husband when she is finding out about the executions and she is lucky to go when her husband has gone away from home to see Rhoda but she does know that. ...read more.


White has changed dramatically from the beginning to the end as he has changed from a generous and kind person to a big headed and jealous person who wants the monkey's paw and wants all he wants with the paw. The wish he makes for the two hundred pounds comes true in a way because he receives two hundred pounds compensation from the company of where their son used to work. Overall the character is special character in the story and that's the reason why I have chosen to write about the character of Mr. White. The writer in the story of "A Monkey's paw" shows the family as they have devastated from the death of there son. He also shows how Mrs. White has changed from a peaceful wife to a mad and hysterical woman. The writer also uses archaic kind of style to help the theme and let the reader know the story is a horror story. The writer in both stories has used many similes to describe the appearance and look of their characters. He has used the similes to give more look and more description to the reader about the character. Overall I think that Rhoda Brooks and Gertrude were the more realistic characters than the characters from 'A Monkey's Paw'. The reason I think this is because the story 'The Withered Arm' is more realistic to me than the Monkeys paw, this is because I don't really believe that there could be a Monkeys paw that could make dreams or wishes come true. This made a big difference on the way I enjoyed the story because I really felt as if the story of 'The Withered Arm' is very more realistic, as the illness on Gertrude's arm is getting worse and worse as if she has been cursed. Also the layout of the story is more realistic in a quiet area like a village or small town where Rhoda's boy is carrying the heavy load back to his home. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE English Prose Study Omar Shazad - 62052 1 Centre No 33237 ...read more.

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