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In this assignment I will be directing act 3 scene one lines 35-136 of the tragic play Romeo and Juliet I intend to use lighting, music, tone, and facial expression to affect the audiences emotions.

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Madeline Kennedy Introduction In this assignment I will be directing act 3 scene one lines 35-136 of the tragic play Romeo and Juliet I intend to use lighting, music, tone, and facial expression to affect the audiences emotions. I have chosen to use theatre rather than film, because although film is more versatile with special effects etc, I think it is more dramatic when the action is happening directly in front of the audience. Shakespeare Assignment: Romeo and Juliet I would set the scene using a background of a typical Verona street without any indication of the time the play is set. I would continue this theme throughout the play, in the style of the clothes and inside buildings etc. I think this would be better than having the actors and scenery in a stereotypical Shakespearean style for example; having the actors in tights and breeches because it would be more original so would create more dramatic impact. I would keep the clothes and buildings simple and minimalistic so that they are easy to make and wouldn't distract the audience's attention from the story, acting, and language, which should be good enough to captivate the audience. ...read more.


Having just married Juliet, Romeo should seem somewhat detached and tells Tybalt "The reason that I have to love thee doth much excuse the appertaining rage to such a greeting" The dramatic Irony in these lines greatly increases the suspense in the audience, who already know that Romeo is married to Juliet and that Tybalt is unaware. They will also feel for Romeo, who has so far been portrayed as "pure" and "holy" and would be waiting to see how he reacts to Tybalts insults Romeos calmness and soft speech would make it even more shocking when at last his mood changes abruptly to pain and sadness, then anger as he turns against Tybalt and kills him. Mercutio, who is frustrated by Romeos lack of will, draws his sword in his name. Mercutio should hiss the line "oh calm, vile, dishonourable submission" quietly, but so the audience can still clearly make out his words. He should then address Tybalt with a more vicious tone signalling that a fight is about to begin. When Tybalt and Mercutio fight, the actors should move quickly and smoothly, with the exception of Romeo who frantically tries to intercept the fighting couple. ...read more.


With the entrance of Tybalt, the anger Romeo feels and the tension in the audience should reach its peak, as Tybalt rushes in angrily wielding his sword looking "furious" and "fiery". Romeo should now address Tybalt coldly, and draws his sword quickly, to show that he is now determined to kill Tybalt and avenge the death of his friend. I would have Romeo and Tybalt in the centre of the stage, with a strong spotlight following them as they fight, casting shadows, which would greatly enhance the anger and sadness the characters feel. Tybalt should be killed quickly, with none of the confusion in Mercutios death, to reinforce Romeos determination. When Tybalt is down, Romeo should kneel on the floor, his clothes now covered with both Mercutios and Tybalts blood. In his despair, he ignores Benvolio, who warns him about "the Citizens" and the scene ends with him alone in the bright spotlight, when he cries "oh I am Fortunes fool", directed at the audience, rather than Benvolio, once again echoing the theme of fate, as in the prologue and the visions both Romeo and Juliet have before this scene 1 ...read more.

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