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In this best writing essay l am going to write about a life experience of my own that changed my life completely. It changed my life because l was only thirteen years old and l had to move from my own country to another country.

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English GCSE Coursework Best Writing In this best writing essay l am going to write about a life experience of my own that changed my life completely. It changed my life because l was only thirteen years old and l had to move from my own country to another country. This experience really changed my life because my relatives and my family were involved which made it a life experience. It was a sunny, bright day in Nigeria, my country when my mother told me that my father said we are to join him abroad in Britain in the next few weeks. It was on the 31st May 1999, when l was first told that my father had sent us our Visas and tickets for travelling. First l was excited at least that l was going abroad but as l was packing l felt depressed, and started to think of all the things l would miss, my friends and my family. I lived in a large town in Nigeria called Lagos; l lived there with my grandparents and my family. It was a large house, always crowded with lots of people, the particular house was well known in the area because my grandfather was very popular he was known as SIR ADEBANKE, because he was like a father to everyone living on our streets. ...read more.


so we hugged each other It wasn't like Trisha didn't have brothers or older ones she had two older brothers, she was the only girl, that was why we were so close, back then our nickname was B and Tri, she was known as 'Tri'and l was known as 'B', so they called us "Trouble, bubble B and Tri", anytime we were together. Leaving Tri was the hardest thing because she was such an Angel, she listens to my problems and l listen to hers, but before l left she told me that she is coming abroad as well, since her brothers are in England, so she's now in abroad, but she lives far away from me which makes me miss her so much. My grandparents will also be truly missed because my grandfather especially was a clown. He is about 7 '2' foot tall and light in complexion. He will be so missed because he makes us laugh when he's not angry, but when he is angry, people never really likes to see that side of him. My grandfather had rules he would say to us "As long as you live under my roof so shall you abide by my rules"? My grandfather would say to us that we should be home by 6pm in the evening because he locks his door; anyone that wants to see him will have to come back in the next morning. ...read more.


It really affected me as a child, because l changed environment, friends and weather and it took a long time for me to adapt to the system. I will never forget this experience because it made me realise that life is too short to be wasted and it doesn't wait for anyone and also it changed the perspective of the way l see and look at things now, because now l feel more grown up and l realise that friendship means a lot and also that l should always be determined and believe in myself especially whenever l want to make a big decision, never give up as they always say, because if l had given up back then l wouldn't know the meaning of life and how to explore it. So coming to this country has made me realise that families mean a lot to someone especially when you are leaving but now l feel more confident l have made lots of friends so now l feel proud when my friends back at home asks me how l am coping at this place l just say to them "You know what, l am actually enjoying this place". I still think about when l go back it will be hard for me to adjust just like when l first came here but l am enjoying it, going back or leaving this place will be hard. Olubusayo Akinyele English GCSE Coursework (Best Writing) 11e ...read more.

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