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In this case study, I will be explaining the drink-drive limit, and argue for and against whether it should be zero, and then come to a conclusion

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Should the drink-driving limit be zero? Name: Adil Patanker Candidate Number: 5170 Introduction In this case study, I will be explaining the drink-drive limit, and argue for and against whether it should be zero, and then come to a conclusion based on my findings. Legal drink-driving limit As of 2012, the legal alcohol limit for drivers in the UK is as follows:- - 80 mg (milligrams) of alcohol per 100 ml of blood (100ml) - 35 micrograms of alcohol (per 100ml of breath) - 107 mg (milligrams) of alcohol (per 100ml of urine) Since the introduction of the drink-driving limit (Road Safety Act in 1967), it has not been changed since. Against breathalyzers Firstly, breathalyzers are used to check how much alcohol is in the blood by taking a breath sample. ...read more.


370 1400 7520 9290 2008 380 1280 6980 8640 ^ In this table, it is shown that since 2002, the death/injury count has decreased. This can be because of the use of breathalyzers, however as a whole, the results are still high which proves that the drink-driving limit should be zero. This is because if it is zero, it will deter people off drinking whilst driving. Another reason for why the drink-driving limit should be zero, is because it is financially bad for the people who do drink-drive. The people risk there drivers license being revoked, death/injury and also having to pay fines of up to �5000. They also get a criminal record, and again this means that if you change the drink-driving limit to zero, people will not want to spend money on alcohol because it will be so easy to arrest people. ...read more.


Along with environmental issues, the cans can also affect animals as well. This is because cans can for example get in a birds mouth, and then it will starve to death because of the can being stuck. Final conclusion Ultimately, I have come to a conclusion made by the results of my findings. There are many valid reasons for and against the drink-driving limit being zero. I think that overall, the limit should be zero. This is because of the statistical evidence found in my findings, including the high casualty rates of drink driving accidents, and also the financial issues which are linked to drink driving (for example fines, drivers license revoke, etc.) and also environmental issues such as pollution. The benefits of this far outweigh the negative in this situation, so I think that this is a fair statement to make. ...read more.

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