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In this essay I am exploring two different poems: Hurricane hits England and Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan. Both themes are mainly focused upon two girls unable to define their true cultures and identity

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Poems from other cultures: Presents from my Aunts In Pakistan by Moniza Alvi and Hurricane hits England by Grace Nichols In this essay I am exploring two different poems: 'Hurricane hits England' and 'Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan'. Both themes are mainly focused upon two girls unable to define their true cultures and identity because they are located in a different country to where they had originally been brought up. In the introduction to each poem the girls have mutual feelings, both becoming confused with many questions. To show these feelings they use specific language and poetic devices such as repetition to give the reader an insight of understanding, feeling and images. One of the poems ' Presents from my aunts in Pakistan' gives the impression that the writer has not resolved this confusion and at the end of the poem still seems unsure of her identity. On the other hand, in the poem: Hurricane hits England' by Grace Nichols, the writer has finished the poem with a conclusion and a sense of closure in her search for her identity. ...read more.


In the poem entitled 'Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan', the poet's central message is to show that she has been transformed originally from Pakistan, but now living in England. She uses poetic devices such as comparing objects to herself: ' I wanted my camel-skin lamp - switching it on in my bedroom, to consider the cruelty, and the transformation from camel to shade'. She feels slightly like this lamp because it was once a camel and now a lamp. It went through a transformation; just like her. She uses phrases like 'of no fixed nationality' this sounds like a slightly threatening phrase (there's a similar phrase - 'of no fixed abode' - which is used in law courts when the defendant is homeless). So this shows us that the writer feels she is "country-less" and that she won't be wanted in either England or Pakistan, this indicates her divided identity and emotions. Even though she cannot remember her past clearly, only by stories and photographs, she still has an interest in her Pakistani culture. ...read more.


One that wants to be part of the English culture like her friends. ' I longed for denim and corduroy- my costume clung to me and I was aflame'. This suggests that she feels like she can't get away from her Pakistani culture, the costume clung to her, an example of good use of personification. It's showing that the Pakistani culture is not prepared to let her go. All the presents that were sent to her are very typically Pakistani, yet her aunties wanted something very typically English 'my aunts requested cardigans from Marks and Spencer' she is attracted to her presents but doesn't want to wear them, to be Pakistani. She is alienated from both cultures, giving a glimpse into both England and Pakistan, even though she has lived in England all her life. These feelings she has do not change at the end of the poem, she still has no conclusion or result. She has mixed emotions for each side of her cultures. 'My mother cherished her jewellery.. but it was stolen from our car' this highlights a negative side to England. ?? ?? ?? ?? Marc Gracia 11sm ...read more.

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