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In this essay I am going to attempt to analyze to which extent the other characters in the book contribute to Kingshaw's death. Firstly I will explain each of the characters roles to which put Kingshaw to death.

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God Helped the Trio of survivors, " Analyze to the Extent that the parents and Hopper contribute to the final tragedy." In this essay I am going to attempt to analyze to which extent the other characters in the book contribute to Kingshaw's death. Firstly I will explain each of the characters roles to which put Kingshaw to death. Before Kingshaw moved to Warnings his mother paid a great deal of attention and interest to Kingshaw. When the moved she became superficial and unloving, this is shown very early on in the book," Mrs. Helena Kingsaw threw herself eagerly into the planning of the Sunday morning cocktail party, to which so many important people were coming, she thought, My life is changing, everything is turning out for the best. Oh how right I was to come here." This quote shows the immense bridge through which parent and child have to pass through. Mrs. Kingshaw places great amounts of pressure on Kingshaw because he is the housewife's son so he has to be good and friendly. ...read more.


Mr. Hooper does not know how to provide him with the attention, as other wise Hooper would be able to accept Kings haws warmth. Your immediate reaction to the question is that Hooper contributed mostly to the final tragedy. I think this is true as Hooper acts like a virus; he picks on certain aspects of Kingshaws personality and attacks them until they shut down. Hooper refuses to respond to Kingshaws warmth, which makes Kingshaw feel intimidated. Hooper is a cold boy, he is unhappy so to find enjoyment he picks on Kingshaw, making the smallest inciedent such as the one in chapter two involving the crow, a powerful bulling scheme. When they are at Warnings Hooper is in his castle, you notice that his power is strongest in his own surroundings. In the beginning of the book Hooper climates any chance of them ever becoming friends with the small spiteful not dropped from the stairs reading" I did not want you to come here," from that point on Hooper begins to follow the role a bully. ...read more.


Maybe Kingshaw thought that because he is only the housewife's son and Hooper is the young master of the house he had to accept his role as the victim. Also because of the great amount of pressure that Mrs. Kingshaw places on him about her situation he may think that he does not have a right to complain. If you go back to the roots of the parents it shows that they both have not had a partner for a long time and a happy life. Mr. Hooper did not have a stable up bringing so there fore he is unable to provide one, or detect Hopers cry for attention. Mrs. Kingshaw is frightened of her own situation and wants to become further engrossed in her relationship with Mr. Hooper than the one with her son. I think Hooper contributed mostly to the death of Kingshaw even though the fault of a child really lies upon the parents. Hooper could have tried to make friends with Kingshaw but all he really wanted was some fun, Victory and attention. The parents were too shallow to realize this because they are to warped up in themselves. This lead to the final tragedy of |Kingshaws death. ...read more.

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