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In this essay I am going to concentrate on three poems ''An old man's winter night'', ''Follower'' and ''Lore''.

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In this essay I am going to concentrate on three poems ''An old man's winter night'', ''Follower'' and ''Lore''. All these three poems are wrote by three very famous poets 'Robert Frost' wrote ''An old man's winter night'' and 'Seamus Heaney' wrote ''Follower'' and 'R.S. Thomas' wrote ''Lore'. Interestingly all three poems are about elderly men but all three are totally different in different ways, but in other ways are very similar. They also have hidden meanings which I will hope to find later in this essay. Robert frost (the writer of an old mans winter night) is one of the most popular poets of his time, his poetry spoke the language of the common man and sometimes projected powerful messages but deep down there are hidden meanings hid deeper in the text. He wrote poems that seemed to go beyond the range of any region, which lade him to be the four time winner of the Pulitzer Prize. Frost was born in 1874 in San Francisco but 11 years later his father died and he and his family moved to Massachusetts where he attended Lawrence high school. ...read more.


Heaney hasn't died yet and is still writing poetry and hopefully he does carry on until he does die. An old mans winter night is a poem about an old man that lives on his own in the middle of nowhere really. We know things like he lives alone eg: ''one man cant keep a house'' and .......''that gathered in the empty rooms'', and we know that he is not very well eg: ''and eased his HEAVEY BREATHING but still slept''. He also talks about ''beating on a box'' which tells us that he thinks he's going to die some time soon. An old mans winter night is a very puzzling poem to say the least, lines such as ''All out of doors looked darkly in at him through the thin frost almost in separate stars'' ''A light he was to no one but himself'' ''Is thus he does it of a winter night'' Make no sense to me. But although it is puzzling it also has a hidden meaning which is: old men cant live alone in the countryside!!! The poem follower is about a relationship between a young boy and his father. ...read more.


Good poems don't have to be full of hard words and lines that have no meaning. Heaney admires frosts' writing because it is similar to his own because frost likes writing about things in the country and Heaney seems to like his style. Lore is similar to both it's similar to follower in the way that they both are wrote in paragraphs. They are all different in the way that they are wrote , An old man's winter night does not rhyme at all , Follower only half rhymes and Lore rhymes the whole way through the poem. And to conclude my essay I will comment a bit on my favourite poem from all three. Out of all three I enjoyed Lore the most because I like poems that rhyme and that are wrote in the way that the writer really describes things so that you can actually picture what is going on in the poem. .What I also like about that poem is that it is short and sweet, I dislike poems that ramble on and on, after the first few lines I loose interest in them but that did not happen with this poem. ...read more.

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