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In this essay I am going to explain how Shakespeare has created tragedy in Romeo and Juliet.

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In this essay I am going to explain how Shakespeare has created tragedy in Romeo and Juliet. The irony in Romeo and Juliet which makes it a tragedy is that they are the only two out of the two households who do not fight and hate each other and they both end up dead. This then causes grief between the two families. Romeo and Juliet refused to split up after many warnings and therefor they took the risks, which led to their deaths. In this tragedy, Romeo blames misfortune and fate for nearly everything that goes wrong for him in the play. After he kills Tybalt he says "O I am fortunes fool". This is suggesting that Romeo thinks that everything that he does is in his fortune and he has no power over it and cannot take the consequences of his own actions. After Romeo's best friend Mercutio dies. Romeo's decides that he is not going to let fate decide what happens to him anymore by saying, Then I defy you stars". Juliet is different to Romeo, as she does not blame fate; she blames things on her birth. Her parents want her to marry Paris; "She shall be married to this noble Earl". ...read more.


If he had just waited a couple of minutes before he drank the poison he would have realised Juliet was not dead. The other way Shakespeare creates a tragedy is by making other people suffer because of what Romeo does. Juliet dies and the Capulets and Montagues both end up unhappy because their children have died. Shakespeare has created tragedy by the different events that happen which draw in the audience by the "awful logic"(Romeo+Juliet GCSE book) of how things go wrong, like Friar Lawrence's plan. He thought that if he could get Romeo and Juliet married the feud would finish. This is why so many things go wrong because the Friar desperately wants it to work and he will do anything. Shakespeare also draws the audience in by using dramatic irony. This is when the audience knows something a character does not know. Mercutio says, "Why, that same pale-heared wench, that Rosaline torments him so, that he will sure run mad". He means that Romeo is moody because of Rosaline but it is actually because of Juliet. The audience knows and starts to wonder what will happen when they find out the truth. Shakespeare also uses imagery and themes to help create tragedy. ...read more.


Tybalt is always looking for trouble and will not back off. He causes the fight between him and Mercutio leading to his death and then draws Romeo in by killing his friend. Shakespeare wrote in the 1500's, there is a very large time gap between then and now but we still have the same issues. Shakespeare understood about human behaviour and he wanted the audience to know is that we should stop and think and not rush into important things like love. He shows how Romeo and Juliet's reckless behaviour destroys their lives. Shakespeare creates tragedy in different ways. He uses the themes of love and hate; he adds tension and some comedy. He also uses a tragic hero with character flaws who makes bad decisions. He uses poetry, strong language and imagery. Shakespeare set out to make a great tragedy, but not a typical one because he has included two tragic heroes which give two sides to the tragic story. I don't think there is a single character who is wholly to blame but Friar Lawrence plays a big part in the tragedy. Mainly through his complicated plans, which needed to be perfect but in the end did not work. Romeo did not receive the Friars letter so he actually thought Juliet was dead. I do not think fate played any part in the tragedy but there were just too many mistakes made by the main characters. ...read more.

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