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In this essay I am going to write about Act 4 scene 3 of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. In particular I am going to explore the various ways in which in which Shakespeare makes the scene dramatic.

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Romeo and Juliet Coursework Act 4 Scenes 3 In this essay I am going to write about Act 4 scene 3 of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. In particular I am going to explore the various ways in which in which Shakespeare makes the scene dramatic. One way in which Shakespeare makes this scene dramatic is through the range of emotions which are shown. In the beginning of the scene she seems happy and she looks as though she will go ahead with the wedding. Juliet also seems to have a happy relationship with her mother as we rarely see her mother communicating with her. We also see that Lady Capulet believes that Juliet will marry County Paris the next day. Also lady Capulet offers to help Juliet "what are you busy. Ho? Need you my help?" this quote is taken from act scene 3 line 6. This is the normally job of the nurse as we have seen before. ...read more.


During Juliet's soliloquy we see that she has scary thoughts about waking up alone surrounded by her deceased relatives "of all my buried ancestors are pack'd" (line 41). Moreover in line 49 Juliet says "o, If I wake, shall I not be distraught", this says to the audience that she is scared by the thought of waking up alone "I wake before the time that Romeo come to redeem me". She then remembers her cousin Tybalt and remembers that Romeo killed Tybalt. A different way in which Shakespeare makes the scene dramatic is through his use of vivid description such as when Juliet has the thought of waking up alone in the Capulet family vault then she says "foul mouths no health some air breathes in". This tells us that Juliet has thoughts which scare her and Shakespeare also shows this by describing clearly what is going through Juliet's mind. The soliloquy links to the end of the scene as we see that if she drinks the potion then if it works then she wakes up and it would be a ...read more.


The scene is important as it tells us the rest of the play, because when she drinks it she falls asleep, and her family think that she is dead and they put her in the vault like planned but then Romeo comes and he sees her and because it had not gone to plan and the messenger had got held up Romeo did not know that she was taking the potion and he had thought like everybody else that she was dead and he then killed himself then Juliet got up and to her horror her Romeo lay and she then killed herself, all of this was seen by the friar however he had not said anything. What would the end of the play be like if Juliet had not taken the potion? Could she have died anyway for the love of Romeo? Or would she have runaway with Romeo and they lived together in their own life. Or maybe her parents may have found out that Juliet had married Romeo and they had killed her, but they may have found out and supported her and let her be with Romeo and they all lived happily ever after. ...read more.

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