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In this essay I have been asked to read and deconstruct 6 Thomas Hardy stories.

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In this essay I have been asked to read and deconstruct 6 Thomas Hardy stories. These stories are called The Superstitious Mans Story, Tony Kytes the Arch-Deceiver, Old Mrs Chundle, Absent-Mindedness In A Parish Choir, The Sons Veto and finally Troys Sword Exercise. I will read and compare each story and see what similarities and differences each story shares. I will also focus on the themes, social, cultural and historical background. The first aspect that I will be looking at is in the era and the way Thomas Hardy was bought up. Thomas Hardy was born in the village of Higher Bockhampton near Dorchester and he was born into a working class family although his mother was bought up in a middle class family. In this era it was considered extremely hard to go from working class to middle class and Hardy proved this was wrong. He lived in a small village with a population of around 50, so he grew up with his brothers and sister in a very rural isolated region. As he was born into a working class family this meant that his family could not afford to send him to private school and pay for his teaching and because Compulsory schooling was unknown in the 1840s his mother taught him to read and write as she felt her eldest sun should have a better education that what she had. In the six stories I have read Hardy writes about the microcosm, which are small individual communities, which are very lonely and isolated an example of this, would be Absent-Mindedness In A Parish ...read more.


Old Mrs Chundle had left all her furniture and possessions to the curate in her will. The forth story that I will be looking at is entitled "The Son's Veto", the story was written in 1891 by Thomas Hardy and is about a son who rejects her mother and is embarrassed of her. The mother was born into a working class family and speaks with dialect (old English accent). Although she was working class her son was middle class who was raised without a dad because he died at a young age. The mother finally meets her long lost lover from when she was young and slowly begins to fall in love with her again, he finally plucks up his courage to ask her to be his wife and she declines because she wanted to give up her happiness for her sun so she was always yearning for another life. His mother embarrassed the son as she came from he working class and she had to be put in a wheel chair. The ending to this story is very tragic as she tragically dies at the end leaving her son without any parents. The fifth story that I shall be looking at is entitled "Troys Sword Exercise", This story is about a handsome sergeant who is trying to woo a beautiful lady called Bathsheba on a mid summer evening, who is in very high spirit. Lady Bathsheba runs her own farm, as she has no lover. The soldier (sergeant) ...read more.


I am now going to look at Tony kytes and see what that story relates to. I believe that this story relates to Troys Sword exercise because they were both romantic comedies, which were both set in in rural areas, and there both about a man who can woo women and make them feel special in themselves. I would also say that Absent Mindedness In A Parish Choir touches in with a bit of humour but I am more likely to relate that with Old Mrs Chundle Which is yet tragic yet funny, my main reason for this because they both relate to the church and parish allot and they play a main role in the theme of both stories. I feel Thomas Hardy likes to have a variety of characters in his story so it never gets boring there is always something going on. He builds his characters personality and description at the beginning of the story to the so we can develop and in depth view into there lives. So most of these stories are written in 3rd person narrative because the narrator has a secret insight to all the characters, the narrator is like a god like figure because he/she is all knowing and all seeing this is another comparison that most of theses stories share with each other. It would be very easy to feel that the supernatural stories were real because in the 18th centaury groups of travellers used to sit around telling scary stories about strange goings on because in this era many people were very superstitious they believed in witches and other such things. ...read more.

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