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In this essay I'm going to talk about the five main dramatic qualities Shakespeare has included in Romeo and Juliet; humour, pathos, suspense, determinism and arranged marriages.

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Romeo and Juliet essay In this essay I'm going to talk about the five main dramatic qualities Shakespeare has included in Romeo and Juliet; humour, pathos, suspense, determinism and arranged marriages. Also will say which of these interest me the most and how. To a contemporary audience the idea of fate and arranged marriages would have been particularly appealing. The first element I will talk about is humour. This is an important element in the play as 'Romeo and Juliet' uses a wide range of humour; wordplay (puns), slapstick, dramatic irony and irony. In Shakespeare's time puns were a popular method of entertaining as can be seen from the play. Tybalt's remark in Act 1, scene 1, lines 57-58: "What art though down amongst these heartless hinds" This is aimed to create humour as Tybalt is punning on heart (hart=male deer) mocking Benvolio for fighting with the servants. Throughout the play, the nurse is the main comic character. She has a garrulous and bawdy sense of humour. She is also somewhat earthy. One of her comments about Juliet is a clear reference to pregnancy: "Nay less! Nay bigger women grow by men." This is typically of a vulgar nature. The nurse also provides oppurtinities for slapstick (pantomime comedy, consiting of boisterous activities)as does "passado" and "punto reverso". The nurse nurse bein a comic, again adds humour. For example, in Act 2, scene 4, the nurse is hilarious as she puts on aires and graces in order to come across as a more important person: "God ye morrow gentlemen... my fan Peter..." This is somewhat amusing. The audiences pleasure for mocking the nurse is reflected in Mercutio's vulgar teasing. ...read more.


The third dramatic quality found in the play is that of suspense. Suspense is created throughout Romeo and Juliet to create tension within the audience and to create curiosity and eagerness to see what will happen next. Right from the start, suspense is created as we are told in the chorus the fate of Romeo and Juliet; they are a "pair of star crossed lovers." As a result, suspense is created because the audience will be left on a cliffhanger as they wait to witness these deaths. Equally, the main plot of 'Romeo and Juliet' builds a feeling of suspense, as the questions is asked of what the outcome of the affair will be. One scene In particular is included in the play to achieve the effect of suspense. This is the scene of the Capulet party. The audience await Tybalt's reaction. He reacts be declaring that the Prince will "doom thee death." When the Prince enters this scene, the suspense reaches a climax when he lingers over what will become Romeo (he teases the audience) We wonder if Romeo's death will be announced: "We now the Prince of his dear blood doth we owe." The second chorus creates more suspense, as it states that danger besets the two lovers. This is to remind us of the current situation of fate, to keep the suspense. We see that in Act 3, Romeo and Juliet begins to reach a climax. This is evident when Romeo hastily snatches the dagger, and the only restriction is the nurse, when she removes it from his hand. Romeo grabs the dagger quickly, and on impulse, thus creating this suspense. The audience's initial reaction is to wonder what Romeo will do. ...read more.


We are made aware that "younger than she are happy mothers made." It is all based on the stereotype that young people lacked the maturity to choose their own partner. In conclusion, 'Romeo and Juliet' is a play that appeals to a modern day audience and a contemporary audience. The play is timeless because it deals with relatable family issues, It shows why Shakespeare is on of the greatest playwrights ever. Personally enjoyed the suspense in the play as it constantly kept me on the edge of my seat. The intellectually challenging scenes throughout the play attained my interest. I enjoyed Shakespeare's use of imagery and language. For example: "So we grew together like to a double cherry lovely cherries moulded on one stem, so with two seeming bodies but with one heart." This creates the image of Romeo's love for Rosaline at the beginning of the play. Above all, I am interested in Shakespeare's use of metaphors, personification and elaborate language to portray emotion, in particular love, For example I find the following quote moving: "Night's candles are burnt out and jocund day stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops, I must be gone and live, or stay and die." This is somewhat intriguing, and a beautiful line. Finally, I am still intrigued to find out which house caused the disaster and what the feud of the two households was. This proves that Shakespeare was a genius and mastered the art of amusing our curiosity and creating suspense. Shakespeare's plays are as popular today as they were in his time. They appeal to both audiences due to the poignant mixture of pathos, humour, suspense, arranged marriages and determinism. I think that Shakespeare is challenging the accepted view of the time by making us side with Capulet rather than Montague. Its issues and feelings are those that we of a 21st century can identify with. ...read more.

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