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In this essay I will be analyzing and comparing the two adverts, the chocolate lynx and the dove evolution, and will also correlate the different settings, props, sounds, content signs, camera shots and the advertising techniques.

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Media essay - first draft After a long tiring day at work when you are sitting in your front room sipping some coffee engrossed in your favourite TV show, suddenly a thing pops up telling you something about a product and making a first impression on your mind. These adverts are often used to give you a message or to attract you towards something .These adverts are important to TV producers and manufactures as it affects the profit and loss of their business. Advertising your product in TV, magazines, radio frequently turns out to be beneficial and moneymaking as these are forms of media. Adverts are a powerful and necessary tool as these days media plays a important role in your daily lives and and people usually buy things which their stick in their mind and find attractive so advert makers make sure that there is one element which unique in their advert which makes the reader or viewer memorize it and often go and purchase the product or to something which the maker intends them to. Certain advert will be shown on certain channels as they know that their target audience will be watching that channel or prefers it the best, for e.g., a shaving cream advert will be shown regularly on a sports channel as the target audience is men and a lot mane like watching sports. In this essay I will be analyzing and comparing the two adverts, the chocolate lynx and the dove evolution, and will also correlate the different settings, props, sounds, content signs, camera shots and the advertising techniques. ...read more.


Both the adverts consist of diegetic and Non-diegetic sounds, The digectic sounds in the dove advert include the people talking in the background, flash of the camera , the computer editing and the shuffling of things. The shuffling of things give the audience a idea that the place is very busy as there are so many people talking in the background and they use so many products to make her look stunning, the computer editing sound is 1 second for every feature they change in her face so this tells the viewers that they do it so quickly as their habitant to this because they do it everyday and they make every girl look a similar way. The audience can hear the sounds which they normally hear when they go to a workshop or studio so this may also tell the viewers that this happens on daily bases and it's a routine for them. The lynx advert uses diegectic sounds like sound of the spray, the bus and the traffic on the roads and the beeping of the cars. The beeping of the cars and the traffic sounds may deliver the message that he is an ordinary guy, living in one of those houses near from the high street where he can hear the traffic when he's in this bathroom. This may also attract boys towards the spray as it shows that he's a normal boy as the same situation can relate in their personal lives. ...read more.


At the end of the advert they say it's a workshop for the real beauty of girls and also call it a campaign which makes girls trust dove and its products They call the advert a evolution which means a gradual change into something different which make the viewers think that dove also understands how they generally feel if they don't have the " perfect look " and dove also says its time for that look to change and your real true beauty to be shown. In the lynx advert there is no language themes and techniques used as it's a universal advert and men in every country can use it and become popular and sexy. Humours light hearted and the story has a funny humour which shows how much fun he's having and it indicates and how ever you look, you put this on and you're going to turn irresistible and seductive. Both the adverts sell their products in an innovative way, the two adverts are very successful and will make an impression on the viewers mind. The storyline of both of them is very unique, one of the adverts is telling you how you can make your life better, the other one is telling you to change the way you think and have ideas about beauty and yourself. The most effective advert is the dove evolution one because common idea always show you how your life can be made better, this one is different from common adverts as the advert itself shows a understanding in what most common girls feel and go through, they are not jus advertising the product there also gaining their customers trust and faith in the brand. ...read more.

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