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In this essay I will be comparing two plays: The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller in 1953 and set in 1692, and Bouncers, which was written by John Godber and set in the 1970s.

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A Comparison of 'The Crucible' and 'Bouncers'. In this essay I will be comparing two plays: The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller in 1953 and set in 1692, and Bouncers, which was written by John Godber and set in the 1970's. I will be focusing on the different themes, styles, genres, and conventions used between the plays and their styles of presentation. The Crucible is a tragedy about the Salem witch trials, and as part of my research I looked at Act 3, where the play explores John Procter, the protagonist, appearing in a lengthy court trial in an attempt to show to the court that the 'witchcraft' accusations that were poisoning the whole of Salem were false. In the 17th century New England setting of the play, most of the society would be puritan Christians. These people were very frightened of anything different, and attributed all strange happenings to the devil. People were jailed and hanged on charges of witchcraft and the whole atmosphere was one of paranoia and hysteria. ...read more.


However, it is possible to look past the obvious differences and unveil numerous subtle similarities. For instance, in The Crucible, one recurring theme is escapism, where the girls who are supposedly 'seeing the devil' carry on putting on the act and cause further loss of control, hysteria and paranoia among the people in the court so they can escape punishment. Equally, in Bouncers the prominent theme is escapism where as stated above, the men are trying to escape through alcohol, and this results in a loss of control within the characters which is reflected also by the girls in The Crucible. Moreover, the majority of the characters in both plays are working class, with the puritans in The Crucible being farmers and 'struggling not to plough on Sunday' and the working class accent of Terry in Bouncers. Also, another theme within both plays is reputation, where Lucky Eric, the protagonist in Bouncers clearly shows his anger and power to protect his reputation when questioned about his wife, which is obviously a sensitive topic to Lucky Eric. ...read more.


The costumes that are worn will need to be similar to what people of that period would be wearing like long dresses for women, to protect modesty, and smart suits and coats for upper class men, to show their status. This would enable The Crucible to create good characterisation before the acting even starts. Bouncers, conversely, is a stylised piece and so is minimalistic with the amount of props on stage (the actors mostly mime specific props and actions- this is what makes it unique), because the play focuses only on the characters. Nevertheless, both plays have heightened emotional scenes which go hand in hand with both the plays' styles being realism, where for instance, the girls in The Crucible pretend they see the sprits and the whole atmosphere turns spooky and hysterical, and where Lucky Eric and Ralph start to confront each other in Bouncers and this also has an effect on the rest of the characters. In spite of this, the heightened stylised realism of Bouncers is different to the realism in The Crucible where there is a strong emphasis on the characters and the relationships between them. ?? ?? ?? ?? Marc Hardwick GCSE Drama Part 1 Essay ...read more.

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