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In this essay I will be discussing the poems 'presents from my aunts in Pakistan' written by Moniza Alvi, and 'hurricane hits England' written by Grace Nichols.

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PRESENTS FROM MY AUNTS IN PAKISTAN HURRICAINE HITS ENGLAND BY GURDEEP SIAN In this essay I will be discussing the poems 'presents from my aunts in Pakistan' written by Moniza Alvi, and 'hurricane hits England' written by Grace Nichols. I will be discussing the themes, imagery, atmosphere, and structure of the poems. The next poem is called "Presents from my aunts in Pakistan" written by Moniza Alvi. Moniza was born in Lahore, Pakistan and moved to England at an early age, and this poem was one of the first poems she wrote. It's from a book called "The country at my shoulder", it's a description on how the poet feels about Pakistan. ...read more.


"Indian gold, dangling, filigree"....."My salweer Kameez didn't impress the school friend who sat on my bed"........."Prickly heat had me screaming on the way." In this poem there is no rhyming what so ever. The pronunciation in this poem is standard. Moniza Alvi has only deviated from standard English and only uses figurative language only at times when using words for Indian garments such as salweer kameez which is a suit. Moniza Alvi does form imagery to the readers in this poem for example when she is saying how the jewelry was stolen. " My mother cherished her jewelry Indian gold, dangling, filigree. But it was stolen from our car. ...read more.


"The blinding illumination, even as short - circus us into further darkness." The poem is divided into eight stanzas . It starts off describing the environment surrounding him. After that he asks the hurricane to talk to him. In the third stanza Grace Nichols begins to ask questions. In the sixth stanza there is only one line, and one sentence. What Grace Nichols is trying to do is make it stand out from the rest of the poem by saying "o why is my heart unchained?" He is asking about the way he feels. In the last two stanzas Grace Nichols is describing how the Hurricane is making him feel. The overall tone to this poems seems to be showing that Grace Nichols is sad. ...read more.

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