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In this essay I will be writing about Love. I will be describing what love is and I will also give the Greek interpretations of love. I will state what the Bible says about love

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In this essay I will be writing about Love. I will be describing what love is and I will also give the Greek interpretations of love. I will state what the Bible says about love and what connections that has to racism and prejudice. I will summarise and give my opinion on love. Love is when you take away the feeling the passion and the romance for a person and find out you still care for that person. The word love is used to describe a variety of things but they all fall under 4 aspects of love which the Greek's introduced. These are: Philia: A love for those close to family, our friends and us. Agape: Unselfish love, loving people to whom we do not feel attracted; people who do not respond to us and even the people we don't like (enemy) Eros: Romantic love, love which is based on physical attraction. Storage: Is the affection felt between members of a family, or affection for pets, places, and so on. There are various verses in the Bible, which explain the Christian teaching about love; I am going to bring some of them to your knowledge. ...read more.


Also to reject someone on the grounds of race etc. is to reject God. Using the picture, explain how it reflects both Christian love and also present day conflicts between Christians from different cultures Looking at the picture I can see a group of black people engaged in some form of prayer. It looks like they are in a church asking for forgiveness from God. One would be wondering, why are black being segregated, praying separately from white people. There are only black people in the picture although it has been clearly stated in the Bible that all people in the eyes of God are equal. 'You shall love your neighbour as yourself.' (Matthew 22:39) People sometimes say that discrimination = prejudice + power I say this statement is true because discrimination comes from having un-confirmed thoughts about something and from those thoughts a person acts and in the long term the actions tend to be discriminative. You might only be faced with discrimination if you are living as a minority in a majority area thus the theory of power is reinforced. ...read more.


There is a saying that violence plus violence equals violence, as there is nothing to balance it but violence plus love equals love. Another very famous story to prove that love can solve anything is the parable of the Good Samaritan in the New Testament (Luke 10:25-37). A man (a Jew) is beaten up by robbers and left half dead, other people (Jews) walk by but ignore the injured person. A Samaritan (an enemy) walks by and notices the injured person. He takes him home and looks after him. This here is the love that not only Christians should show but the love everyone should show to fellow human beings. Coming to a conclusion my opinions on love are that you do not need to be religious to follow a particular set of rules laid out for us in our religion as to how we should show love towards people. Us humans have the power to treat people as we wish, then it is also in our hand as to how to show love towards people. I say we should show love towards everyone no matter who they are, as humans we have feelings towards our loved ones, if we could feel that way when we interact with other people than this world would be rid of all evil. ...read more.

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