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In this essay I will compare two film versions of Romeo and Juliet, but they are totally different.

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Media coursework In this essay I will compare two film versions of Romeo and Juliet, but they are totally different. Firstly, the Baz Luhrman version which is set in modern day America. The film was made in 1997, so this version was probably set in 1997 also. Leonardo Dicaprio stars as Romeo and Claire Danes as Juliet. The times at which both of the films were is very important, this is because the audiences will have expected different things from a film. The Baz Luhrman version which was filmed in 1997 would have had an audience that expected action in a film and also they would expect a faster film than the audience in 1968. Although the director has changed the setting (but still called Verona), he has not changed the language, it is still Elizabethan, also he has almost kept the same story line as Shakespeare. Secondly, the Franco Zeffirelli version is set in Elizabethan times, the time at which Shakespeare wrote the original play. It was filmed in 1968, at this time people didn't want a modern version of the play, this can be seen by the awards that the director got for the film. ...read more.


Also when they go onto the stairs the light isn't very good so this shows the audience that it is serious and that Juliet is scared and upset. There is music always playing in this version, it is soft and quiet, it gets louder in the more dramatic parts of the scene. There are a lot of close up camera shots in this version and also there are a lot of extreme close ups and over the shoulder shots. The close ups give a better picture of the characters face expressions. The unique elements about the Zeffirelli version is are that, firstly the setting is in Elizabethan times and also the costumes are Elizabethan. The script is the same as in the play and also the story line is almost exactly the same. This version was filmed in 1968. The costumes are different to the costumes in the Zeffirelli version. In this version the lady Capulet, lord Capulet and the nurse are all wearing dark clothes. Juliet is still wearing a white night gown. In this version there are not as many close ups and no extreme close ups, but there is some use of over the shoulder shots e.g. ...read more.


The Juliet would be the same as the Juliet in the Luhrman version because I think that the Juliet in the Zeffirelli version cries too much. She would cry but only when her parents disown her, and also when the nurse rejects her. In Romeo and Juliet the theme of violence is very strong, I think that the Zeffirelli version reflects this more, as can be seen when lord Capulet throws Juliet across the room and against the wall, in the Luhrman version lord Capulet does not do this he does hit lady Capulet though. Therefore I think that it is the physical actions and the characterisation that makes the Zeffirelli version that more violent. Both versions of the film have differences and similarities, some of the similarities are that both directors have kept the script and the language the same. The films are set and filmed in different times; therefore the audiences for the two films would have been different. I think that the Zeffirelli version presents a better dramatisation of act3 scene5 because it is longer than the Luhrman version, this makes more times for more things too happen and more things too be said. Also lord Capulet can build up his anger in this version, which makes it more dramatic. ...read more.

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