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In this essay I will prove that Romeo and Juliet are responsible for their deaths.

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GCSE Coursework Romeo and Juliet The play Romeo and Juliet is about two teenagers who fall in love and die due to miscommunications. In this essay I will prove that Romeo and Juliet are responsible for their deaths. I will discuss the actions they take throughout the play, how they end up in their 'no way' out situation and why they are responsible for their deaths. Romeo and Juliet are responsible for their deaths because of circumstance occurring or being ignored resulting in irrational actions. By this statement I mean Romeos situation where he is banished, the increased pressure from Juliet's parents for her to be married to whom they feel suitable. As Juliet has already married in secret she finds herself on her last legs and does the only thing she sees as a way out, to play dead. Juliet's plan was not actually successful as when Romeo gets word of Juliet's 'death' he kills himself. Juliet's decision to fake her death at the time would have been seen as a courageous act. But on the other hand she could be seen as a coward because if she was brave enough to marry someone she barely knew, an enemy of her family, and without consulting her parents ...read more.


We can also see that the pair are not mature enough to make a decision on marriage by themselves as when they first meet at the Capulet party, it is not long before Romeo's desires for Juliet are shared, "If I profane with my unworthiest hand....... To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss." This is an immature thing to do because he does not know who Juliet is and is declaring his feelings just hours after being declined by Rosaline who he thought he was in love with. If he was being mature about things he would not have been so blatant with Juliet and would have taken the time to work out if his feelings are true and make sure he is not just going after the first thing he sees as a result of being on the rebound .Also because Romeo and Juliet communicated with each other via the nurse, when Juliet sends the nurse out to speak to Romeo about marriage. Their behaviour is portrayed in an immature manner and shows that they do not understand how serious their plans are. Adolescent passion plays a big part in Romeo and Juliet's unfortunate death. ...read more.


I believe they died due to adolescent passion, haste, immaturity and a lack of courage. They should have spent time together, getting to know each other instead of rushing things. They should have told their parents about their feelings even though they may have felt like they were dishonouring their families. I think Juliet's motives are honourable she is merely acting in the way she sees best, which is why she does not confide in her parents. William Shakespeare could have wanted the audience to blame Juliet's parents, the nurse, Friar Lawrence or Romeo and Juliet as he has made it easy to blame any of these characters because each of them have some sort of impact on Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare has portrayed Romeo and Juliet as na�ve because they immediately believe they are in love with each other, head strong because they reject any objections made by the friar or the nurse when they decide to be married and sincere because really they want to please their parents but do not go about things in the right way which lastly shows the immaturity in them. I think Shakespeare may agree with a few of my ideas to a certain degree but not fully as we both have two very different mentalities. ...read more.

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