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In this essay I will try to compare the stories, "Lamb to the Slaughter" and "the Speckled Band" and express some of their similarities and differences.

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Both "Lamb to the Slaughter" and "The Speckled Band" share some of the characteristics of typical Murder Mysteries. Explain the similarities and differences between the two stories and say which story you think is more Compelling to read In this essay I will try to compare the stories, "Lamb to the Slaughter" and "the Speckled Band" and express some of their similarities and differences. "Lamb to the Slaughter" is set in a typical early 1950's home in either Britain or America, with what seems to be a loving couple, but there is more than what meets the eye. We find out that the Husband, Mr. Maloney, arrives home from work, with some shocking news for his loving wife, which changes the mood of the story dramatically. The reader never finds out what exactly he says but it angers and saddens his wife enough to murder him. At first when she hears the news she seems to not be able to accept it and doesn't even show any emotion. ...read more.


Holmes immediately suspects either Dr Roylett her cruel stepfather or the Gypsies her lets camp on his land. Holmes' careful observations throughout the story, such as the phoney bell rope and the misplaced air vent eventually solve the case and lead to Dr. Royletts unexpected death. Both stories share some similarities and some differences. Some of the similarities are both stories have a murderer, a victim, a detective and a twist in the story. The detectives in the stories couldn't be more different. Sherlock Holmes is a professional sophisticated witty character who finds all the clues and solves the case. In lamb to the slaughter there are a few detectives , the main one being sergeant Noonan who is unprofessional , ignorant and doesn't come close to solving the case. Because of his ignorance he doesn't even consider Ms.Maloney to be the culprit and eventually eats the leg of lamb, thus destroying the only piece of evidence. One prominent difference in the two stories is the character of the murderers. ...read more.


In Lamb to the Slaughter it is not as prominent. In the last line Mary Maloney begins to "giggle" when the detectives say the vital clue is probably "under their nose." This is a bizarre moment of the story, and is quite weird. She seems happy her husband is dead and that she got away with it, not caring that a human life has been lost. I personally think that "Lamb to the Slaughter is a more compelling read, as it has bizarre twists, such as feeding the detectives the leg of lamb, the murder weapon. I think the Speckled band is a straight forward typical murder mystery story, as we have to wait to find out who the murderer is and there are suspects the whole way through, where as in Lamb to the Slaughter. We know who the murder is and we are just waiting to see if Mary Maloney gets caught and what happens to her. It is very thought provoking and the reader thinks about the story after they have read it, where as "the Speckled Band" is just a simple read that has no complexity whatsoever. Matthew Malkin 11K2 1048 WORDS ...read more.

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