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In this essay I will write about how true it is that Blanche DuBois (a character in 'A Streetcar Named Desire') is described.

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English Literature GCSE Shuail Jusab Description of Blanche In this essay I will write about how true it is that Blanche DuBois (a character in 'A Streetcar Named Desire') is described as "she is given to illusion, alcohol, dim lights and muted colours in the effort to make a harsh world bearable", in the first five scenes. Blanche is addicted to alcohol but she tries to hide the fact that she is. Stanley:" Have a shot? ...read more.


Stella is Blanches younger sister and is about five years younger than Blanche; Miss DuBois tells every one that she is younger than Stella. In scene three Blanche lies about her age to Mitch. Blanche:" Yes Stella is my precious little sister. I call her little in spite of the fact she's somewhat older than I. Just slightly. ...read more.


Shuail Jusab Blanche: "will you do a favour for me?" Mitch: "sure. What?" Blanche: "I bought this adorable little coloured paper lantern at a Chinese shop in Bourbon. Put it over the light bulb! Will you, please?" Blanche is a very confidant, educated and poshly dressed so-called 'Teacher'. She is snobbish about her sister's home and lies to every one that she meets including her own sister. Blanch is taken to the Mental hospital. This shows that she was a mad character. ...read more.

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