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In this literature essay, l will describe and discuss the presentation of the female characters in 'Turned' by Charlotte Perkins Gillman and 'Interlopers at the Knap' by Thomas Hardy.

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English GCSE Coursework English Literature In this literature essay, l will describe and discuss the presentation of the female characters in 'Turned' by Charlotte Perkins Gillman and 'Interlopers at the Knap' by Thomas Hardy. Both stories have major and minor characters that are female. In Turned, there were two females 'Mrs Marroner' and 'Gerta Petersen'. Mrs Marroner a wealthy lady married to Mr Marroner, but with no children of her own, while Gerta a poor lady, who is a maid at the Marroners house. In Interlopers at the Knap, there were three females, which made it different from the 'Turned' story; Mrs Hall, Sally and Helena were the characters. Mrs Hall a very honest, frank and outspoken woman, the mother of Sally and Phil, but also soon to be a mother-in-law, while Sally a very kind, honest, single minded and independent woman, she is about to wed Charles Darton and lastly Helena, a daughter-in-law to Mrs Hall and a wife to Phil, but she came round to spend some time with Mrs Hall and Sally, she came with her children and husband Phil. There are similarities and differences between these characters that will be explored in this essay. In Turned, the two female characters started as employer and employee but ended the story as friends living together. This significant change occurs because Mrs Marroner and Mr Marroner have been trying for a child for almost 5years, but couldn't find one, then there came Gerta a servant who lives with the Marroners, but a horrible incident happened between Mr Marroner and Gerta. ...read more.


Sally was a comely, independent, simple character with no make-up about her; she was also kind, rich, single-minded, dignified, obedient, superior and grateful woman. Suddenly, Mrs Hall heard footsteps clambering up the roots of the sycamore "Yes it sounds like them at least", she said. They were expecting a knock, but there was no knock, then both women went down the passage "O, it's a tramp-gracious me!" said Sally starting back. He gazed at the "two women fixedly for a moment then with an abashed, humiliated demeanour, dropped his glance to the floor, sank into a chair without uttering a word" Sally tried to discern the visitor across the candles, and then suddenly she said, "Why-mother", it is Phil from Australia" Philip was Mrs Hall's son, and Sally's brother. "O, Philip-are you ill" said Mrs Hall. Philip replied his mother telling her he wasn't ill then he told his mother that he didn't know how he got to where he was that he was driven to it "things were against me out there, and went from bad to worse". Philip hasn't written to his family for the last two or three years, so they were surprised to see him. Mrs Hall explained to him that the night he came home wasn't good she told him that Sally was about to get married to Charles Darton, a gentleman farmer-quite wealthy man, but Mrs Hall said to him "But mind you-you are welcome to this home as long as it is mine. ...read more.


We can only see this similarity between Mrs Marroner and Sally, both women were strong, lived alone at the end and were happy. In Turned, it was a relationship between a man and a woman. Mr Marroner and Mrs Marroner have been married for a long time, but Mrs Marroner bore no child to Mr Marroner, so Mr Marroner decided to pregnate Gerta a housemaid, Gerta was pregnant, and Mrs Marroner found out, but because she was kind, she helped Gerta. Mr Marroner came back from business trip, went around looking for them and asked for forgiveness but Mrs Marroner decided to stay with the baby and Gerta, so Mr Marroner ended up living on his own. Similarly in Interlopers, a relationship between a man and a woman goes wrong. This time, the reason been that Sally's bother's wife Helena and Sally's fianc� Charles Darton had a relationship long time ago, so when they meet again at Sally's house, their feelings came back flooding for each other, so they ended up marrying each other, but along the story Helena died, so Charles decided to go back and beg Sally, but Sally says NO and decides to stay single. Both women in this presentation of women and men, makes us see that women are strong and happy to live without men. They have showed power, independence, superior, well-filled and well-balanced mind There NO is NO and their YES is YES. Olubusayo Akinyele Coursework(Literature) 11e ...read more.

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