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In this piece of coursework I will be analysing the tragic play A view from the bridge specifically pages 35 to 42. I also will be discussing how the author Arthur Miller increases the tension within the play

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A View from the bridge In this piece of coursework I will be analysing the tragic play "A view from the bridge" specifically pages 35 to 42. I also will be discussing how the author Arthur Miller increases the tension within the play which continues to create an impact towards the later stages of the play. The play tells us a story of Eddie which has already happened. This is why Alfieri takes the role of two crucial characters in the play: a chorus and the role of a lawyer. When I say chorus I mean he doesn't just tell us the story but reflects on the story as well as telling us what to feel and think of the tragedy, just like the ancient Greek chorus. I believe that the title "A view from the bridge" is a metaphor for the role Alfieri plays due to the reason that he is a Sicilian American lawyer who probably lives in a lat in Manhattan however he crosses the bridge to a poor estate called Brooklyn. ...read more.


The play uses a great deal of dramatic irony as a technique to keep us interested in the play due to the reason that we are privileged miller gives us insights into the play letting us the audience know what some of the characters are not aware of. For example, when Rudolpho says "lemons are green" trying to correct Eddie, Eddie replies "I know lemons are green for Christ's sake" Eddie says this in a angry tone leaving Rudolpho to wonder why Eddie just snapped at him like that however the audience know that Eddie is boiling with rage at Rudolpho who is stealing the women he loves and Rudolpho is everything Eddie cannot be The audience is also aware of the strain Eddie who is simmering with rage feels as he cannot deals with his love for Catherine. ...read more.


"well be an uncle then" when she says this Beatrice is trying to remind Eddie that he is only her uncle and nothing else. In addition to that she is also trying indicate that Eddie is being overprotective as if he is her boyfriend. Miller also builds up the suspense and tension at the end of act 1 by showing Marco's true strength when he lifts a chair from one corner with one hand keeping it straight, "raised like a weapon", above Eddie's head. This leaves us with a sort of cliffhanger in which the end of act 1 has changed the course of the story and has added to the mystery of Marco and his relationship with Eddie. To wrap up I would say that Miller builds up the tension and suspense between 35 to 42 due to the reason that he is ending act 1 so he has to create suspense so that the audience come back for act two anticipating what will happen next. ...read more.

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