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In this poetry comparison, I am going to be comparing two poems the first being Remember by Christina Rosseti in 1862. The second poem is On My First Son by Ben Johnson this was written in 1603

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In this poetry comparison, I am going to be comparing two poems the first being Remember by Christina Rosseti in 1862. The second poem is On My First Son by Ben Johnson this was written in 1603. These two poems are similar in some ways as the general themes are death, not just death of a person but also death of love and relationships, these two other interpretations are extremely subtle I will talk about this later on in my essay. Another similarity is that they both use imagery, this technique is extremely effective as this allows you to imagine what the author is thinking when they are writing. In my first poem the woman is thought to be talking about what she wants when she dies. "When I am gone away" this starts the poem off making the reader think the poem is about death in general. She then continues talking about what, she wants when she dies. "Remember me when no more day by day" this means that she wants to be remembered every day after she has died. In the second poem, Ben Jonson is firstly talking about the loss of his son and how he thinks that he has loved him too much. "Farewell, thou child of my right hand, and joy; My sin was too much hope of thee, lov'd boy" This introduces the theme of death the poem to the reader, and makes the reader ask the question "too much hope of thee, lov'd?" ...read more.


This tells us his son was lent to him by God seven years ago and now he has taken him back. Remembers rhyming pattern is irregular. This creates a more staggered or staccato(This is a musical term for when the rhythm is irregular and jumpy) rhythm .There is rhythm in the poem which comes from the feet and metre. Each line of the poem consists of ten syllables, five unstressed and five stressed. This is an example of Iambic Pentameter and is repeated throughout the poem "Re mem ber me when I am gone a way" (the bold indicates stressed syllables of which there are five.) This effects the poem because this adds more emphasis to certain words within the poem, such as the last two syllables in the word "re-mem-ber." This is important, as this is what Christina Rossetti wanted from the poem to be remembered. On My First Son's rhyming pattern is regular. Having the rhyming couplets adjacent to each other creates smooth or legato (this is a musical term which means the rhythm of the music flows smoothly) rhythm throughout the poem. Again, the rhythm in this poem is made up of ten syllables, five unstressed and five stressed. This again is another example of Iambic Pentameter and this is repeated throughout the poem. "Fare well thou child of my right hand and joy" (the bold indicates stressed syllables of which there are five) ...read more.


She also uses an oxymoron in her poem. "Yet if you should forget me for a while, and afterwards remember, do not grieve" This makes us almost reread those two lines to check what she has written, this again adds emphasis to the word remember again as she is talking about forgetting and remember. But if you truly forget some one you wouldn't be able to remember again. The mood or tone of this poem is somewhat upsetting to think that this woman obviously very upset at this moment in her life as she maybe found out that she only had a short while to live. So she wants to be remembered for her good qualities and doesn't want people to feel sadness when they think of her and just the nice happy times. On My First Son, also uses poetic devices such as internal rhymes are used, this is when rhyming is used within the line rather than at the end. "Seven years thou wert lent to me, and I thee pay" (Bold indicates rhyming words) To conclude, I find that I enjoyed talking and analysing Remember rather than On My First Son because it uses many more poetic devices, which make this more exciting to read. Remember a poem either about death or a relationship or her actual death makes you reflect on how you would like to be remembered when you are gone. "Remember me when I am gone away" ?? ?? ?? ?? David Cain 10.1 English Poetry Comparison Mrs.Harding ...read more.

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