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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: English
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In this report I will try to discuss in depth why I feel that fate and free will, were indeed a key factors leading to the deaths of young Romeo and Juliet in this Shakespearian play of love and tragedy

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In this report I will try to discuss in depth why I feel that fate and free will, were indeed a key factors leading to the deaths of young Romeo and Juliet in this Shakespearian play of love and tragedy. A consistent sense of foreboding is applied and presented through the structure, language and sequence of events. From the off we are left with a feeling of misfortune looming this is made apparent in the sixth line of the prologue were the first proclamation of disaster is foretold 'A pair of star-crossed lovers who take their life;' this is a suggestion of the recurring theme of love and tragedy delivered in many works produced by Shakespeare during the Elizabethan era such as 'Othello' and 'Julius Cesar and Cleopatra'. The prologue was a very important method of play write as it allowed the audience in the theatres to derive their own conviction of the play before hand. This method was very effective and was often used by Shakespeare . Shakespeare was very popular with his audience as he produced work for all the different sectors of the crowd as the theatre was split up for the different classes of society, the pit in which people stood would be were the working class were located and the gallery would be were those of higher status in society were situated so in theory the higher up you were in the theatre the more established you were in society. ...read more.


While present at the Grand Capulet occasion Romeo was spotted by a Montague in whom he was in dispute, Tybalt was his name cousin to Juliet, Tybalt is in rage as he feels insulted that a Montague dares to show his face in the house of his foe he becomes agitated and this further more shows how fate has made it is dangerous for Juliet and Romeo to have a relationship without sparking a conflict. Tybalt is now seeking revenge for what he felt to be an insult to hisa family, Romeos fate may now be influenced by the actions of Tybalt. As things stand it seems that trouble is on the horizon if Romeo and Juliet pursue a relationship, they are not aware of what fate lies ahead and their downfall can be said to be due to their lack of foresight. During the balcony scene when Romeo goes to see Juliet he does not consider the consequence of his actions well enough, he seems to forget that their quarrel between his family and theirs is of an ancient establishment, yet he is ready to renounce his name in the name of love. In act two Romeo begins to realise that this love will take it toll own him and that it may be too good to be true " for stony limits cannot hold this love out", the reason for this is not solely because of the actions of ...read more.


The Friar plans to tell Romeo of this plan in a letter to be sent to him by a messenger but of course as fate would have it they should be so lucky. During a plague in which the city had been swarmed by the rate of efficiency in the city depreciates and it becomes hard for the messenger to come and meet Romeo in time, despite the efforts of the poor messenger in an up tempo race to find Romeo the letter fails to reach Romeo him and the purpose that Friar Lawrence tries to achieve (by this I mean letting Romeo know of his plan) becomes flawed. Romeo arrives to the tomb and to his misfortune finds the body of Juliet who he at this point believes is dead, lying on a death bed, having taken enough of the pain and surrow and in an attempt to rid himself of it he joins her and consumes a poison that he goes out to purchase, when she comes too she realises the mixup and "stabs herself once more with his dagger". the tale of two lovers ends in death as a result of the mixture of fate and freewill, consequence and environment, name and misfortune. the tale of ancient foes ends in a peace bearing which is the consequence of the death of their children a peace paid for with a heavy price. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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