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In Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver’, Thomas Hardy writes about the perils of love. Explore how the story deals with the attractions and dangers that women hold for men.

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In Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver', Thomas Hardy writes about the perils of love. Explore how the story deals with the attractions and dangers that women hold for men. It is immediately visible from reading, 'Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver' that he is very popular with all the women in rural Wessex. It becomes more and more apparent throughout the story that his susceptibility to the opposite sex, and in addition to their flirtatious nature's that he cannot resist their feminine charms and he finds himself in many dangerous situations. ...read more.


Nowadays our view on social relationships is perfectly acceptable and is the every day norm. For example it is seen in everyday life that a married man can be associated with a married women and nothing more can be said. It is due to the fickle and indecisive nature of Tony Kytes that potentially brings him face to face with many dangerous situations. ...read more.


I think that it is a particularly good representation of the flighty nature of Tony Kytes, it is the physical attractions of the women that undoubtedly could be very dangerous because at the time he was engaged to another and he says to Unity that he and Milly are not . That kind of behaviour in those days was judged as being unacceptable. GCSE Coursework By Ross Smith 10G ...read more.

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