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In Ways Has Kino Changed By Chapter 3 of "The Pearl"?

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English Homework 2nd October 2011 Essay title: In what ways has Kino changed by the end of chapter 3? At the start of the book Kino is initially described as one who treasures his family more than anything, even money. He is patient, loving and appreciative of his young wife and son whom he values more than anything else and as a poor lowly peasant you can tell he is happy with what he has. In the book he calls what he has as ?whole? Kino knows what he can have and is happy with just the bare minimum, he does not dream or imagine things he cannot hove or wish for things out of reach he only knows what he has and knows of nothing more. Also in the start of the book Kino feels safe and secure within his family home and within his family, ?Kino felt all the warmth ...read more.


see a new future for his family in its surface a new hope for Coyotito and that him and Juana ?will be married.? He begins to dream of fancy clothes, hunting rifles, school things he would never of dreamed of before all bringing out more lust and greed and power. The pearl gives Kino great importance and power within La Paz, as demonstrated by the visit from the local priest and the doctor who had just recently refused treatment to Coyotito. This does not help Kino?s already changing character and drives him to be a suspicious and greedy man becoming more and more like the doctor himself. As Kino seeks to gain wealth and status through the pearl, he transforms from a happy, contented father to a greed stricken violent suspicious man, demonstrating the way wealth and greed destroy the innocence and goodness of a human beings. ...read more.


Juana sees the evil in the pearl but when she speaks up Kino quickly corrects her telling her they will sell it the next day. The pearl demonstrates an end to suffering for Kino a suffering Kino seemed content with at the start of the book ?Its warm lucence promised poultice against illness and a wall against insult. It closed the door to hunger. As he stared at it Kino?s eyes softened and his face relaxed.? This describes all of Kino?s desires hidden within the pearl and how when he dreams of them he relaxes. This very closely resembles the doctor who when dreams of his desire to live in Paris relaxes. The Book shows the greed and lust hidden inside every man and how it only takes a little power to ignite it. ...read more.

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