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In what way are two of the following important to our understanding of the plot and ideas in the novel?

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In what way are two of the following important to our understanding of the plot and ideas in the novel? Fire Glasses Conch Theses three elements obtain unique characteristics that represent symbolism, which gives us a clearer example of their uses involved in the plot and ideas of the novel. Their symbolism is an important part of the development of the story. They demonstrate the key issues, which are important to maintain a civilised world. Society holds everyone together, and without these conditions, our ideals and the basics of right and wrong are lost. As each of these elements fade away so does order and hope of a civilised community. People will also abuse power and will often single out another to improve their own security. We learn that without society's firm rules anarchy and savagery can come as a consequence. Conch The conch is a fundamental part in the story. It was the first important element to be 'spotted' by Ralph. 'Something creamy lay among the ferny weeds'. This gives us an expectation that something as pretty like this represents the beginning of an organised order (the conch) ...read more.


Later when Jack refused to use the conch and swore to the rules, he was in fact opposing the original social order because a society needs rules. 'Jack! You haven't got the conch' and 'bullocks to the rules', This symbolises that human nature creates a newer standard if they rebel at authority. The new standard, which involved war paint symbolised the rejection of society and their savage inner selves. When Piggy is killed he is still holding the shell and trying to maintain the order, 'Piggy still holding the talisman, the fragile, shining beauty of the shell' The mention of 'fragile' ensures the expectation of the shell about to destroyed, 'the conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist' The destruction of the shell symbolises the loss of authority on the island, which leaves only Ralph to fight for survival. Fire The signal fire at the beginning represents hope for the people trapped on the island and their chance of rescue by communicating with the outside world, 'If a ship comes near ... we must make smoke on top of the mountain'. Eventually a ship does pass but because the signal fire was out their chances of rescue were obliterated. ...read more.


The fire set on the entire island shows the tribe's pathetic ability to think forward because if they weren't rescued, they wouldn't have food or shelter. Ironically the fire lit by Jack was initially meant for evil but it turned out to be what got the boys rescued. Also the smoke was very thick and had covered the whole island and symbolically had hid them all from the outside world but they were found because of the smoke. The ending seems happy and ironic because of the arrival of the Naval officer but actually it is an extension from a small war to a larger war. As a conclusion Golding creates a better understanding of the plot, ideas and people by the use of symbolism. His symbolism of the conch and fire demonstrate different effects of the society maintained and the conflict between the constant struggles of power between Ralph and Jack. We also learn that the events taking place in the microcosm and in the real world correspond with each other to show the effects of actions on a larger scale in the 'Lord of the Flies'. Golding shows that these examples of symbolism (fire, conch) can be used in different ways to do good as well as bad as the boys turn from peace and civilization to savage rift. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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