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In what way does "Romeo & Juliet" reflect the time in Which It was written and what is its relevance to a modern audience?

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11th December2002. In what way does "Romeo & Juliet" reflect the time in Which It was written and what is its relevance to a modern audience? To look at the time in which this play was written we have to look at the conditions I which it was written. Also we need to consider why it was written. Firstly four hundred years ago there were on electric lights, torches were dangerous and candles were expensive. So Shakespeare wrote most of his plays in public houses where candle light was free in the evening. But the problems with this are that it was a noisy atmosphere and he probably got a little bit drunk. So because of this there may be mistakes that we are unable to prove that they are mistakes. "Thou shalt continue two-and-forty hours." Said by Friar Laurence act four, scene one line one hundred and five, is an example of a possible mistake. Forty two hours doesn't fit the time scale of the play, twenty four hours would fit in to the play better. But Shakespeare may not have made such possible mistakes. All of his plays were written just once the actors only had heir lines so they had to learn when to speak carefully. ...read more.


Also it was thought that there were many large, rich families that would avenge people who are enemies of the family. Shakespeare wrote the play as people believed Italy was. The play is written in Iambic pentameter, which means that there are five syllables that are stressed in a line and every other syllable is stressed. Writing in poetry was common in this time but to write a whole play in this way would have been very difficult. I have written in iambic pentameter and found it difficult. It took Shakespeare about ******** to write a whole play in this way. Shakespeare included many powerful emotions in to this play, which would have been part of people's lives. Such as love, death, hate, revenge, haste and religion. Love and death are the main emotions included in the play. The love between Romeo and Juliet is shown by the chances they take to be together, also at the end of the play they are willing to die to be together. Death is a common occurrence in the play. In total five people die throughout the play. Shakespeare made Romeo and Juliet in to a tragedy but he also included comedy in to it. ...read more.


But that night he amongst other things sleeps with Juliet and leaves Vern for Mantua. On Tuesday morning old Capulet asks if Juliet will marry Paris, but when she says no he says if she doesn't marry Paris she is no longer welcome in his home. At this Juliet goes to see what the Friar can do. Here he explains his plan that she will drink a potion that will make her sleep for forty-two hours. And in that time he will send a message to Romeo explaining that Juliet is in a deep sleep and to come and collect her when she wakes up. The plan works but when Friar John doesn't manage to get the message to Romeo things start to go wrong. Romeo gets a message from a friend telling him that Juliet is dead. Romeo goes to Juliet's tomb with a poison but Paris is guarding the tomb so Romeo kills him to get to Juliet. Here he drinks the poison and kills himself. Juliet wakes up and finding Romeo dead she kills herself to be with him. Because of Romeo and Juliet' death the Capulets and the Muntagues agree to peace. This is a very satisfying play and one of Shakespeare's best in my opinion. I preferred a modern version of the play because it was set in a modern city it made the play easier to understand and relate to modern society. ...read more.

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