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In what way does the symbol of a Mockingbird relate to the characters of Tom Robinson and Boo Radley?

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In what way does the symbol of a Mockingbird relate to the characters of Tom Robinson and Boo Radley? In "To kill a mockingbird" Harper Lee seems to be telling two different stories, that of Boo Radley and Tom Robinson. Even though there characters in the book are different, there are similarities between them. The first is that both Tom and Boo are Mockingbird figures. We know this because Atticus and also Miss Maudie tell the children, " Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy... they don't do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That is why it is a sin to kill a mockingbird." (Chapter X, page 96) We see how Boo is portrayed as a mockingbird figure when he is locked away from any sort of normal life and society. This is because when boo was a teenager he did what all teenage people do, cause havoc. As rules and expectations in Macomb were strict, small things had big punishments. Boo started to hang about with the Cunningham's from Old Sarem. They rode the bus on a Sunday, hung about by the barber shop and drank small amounts of whisky. ...read more.


This happened even though there was no evidence whatsoever to say that Tom did it, and plenty to say that he was in fact totally innocent. In the book it clearly outlines that Bob and Mayella Ewell made up charges against tom. This being because they thought, as Tom was black, no way would he get away with it, so he would be sent away for life. Mayella made up a plan to get Tom to go into her house, making out she needed help. Once he was inside she thought she could do what she wanted. Whilst Tom was standing on a chair to reach an object, Mayella pulled him off and kissed him. In shock Tom didn't know that to do. At that time Bob Ewell arrived and that's when all the real trouble started. In the trial Tom shows how caring and honest he is when he says, " I felt right sorry for her." This was a huge mistake by Tom as a black man feeling sorry for a white woman was almost seen as "mocking" the white community. ...read more.


Without Tom�s case would they have felt so strongly about the how so many people are wrongly treated? Jem especially starts to realise the seriousness of what is happening to Tom and also how unfair of a trial he is having. A reason for this is because there father, Attitcus tries to help Tom throughout the novel, but yet he still gets a Guilty verdict. Jem actually starts to cry because he is frustrated and hurt by what is happening. During Tom�s case it made Jem and Scout better people. This is another link between Boo and Tom. As you can see Tom and Boo are strongly linked because they are both honest and caring people, unfairly treated by their own community and society in general. They only set out to do well and are punished without thought to that. Tom ends up dead; even though throughout his life he has not committed a sin. Their stories appear to be different but in fact are very similar. They both share the punishment they receive, the caring and wonderful personalities they both have, and the way the children both relate and grow and a person due to them. They in fact share very similar stories. Laura Purcell. To kill a mockingbird ...read more.

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