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In what way has Rita changed since comingback from Summer school? Discuss.

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In what way has Rita changed since coming back from Summer school? Discuss Since coming back from summer school Rita has changed quite dramatically. She is now much more widely read and more articulate with her words. She has adopted a completely new way of thinking and contemplating things. She has gained some self-discipline and this is demonstrated in Act 2 Scene 1: "... this tutor came up to me, he looked at the book in me hand an' he said "ah are you fond of Ferlinghetti?" it was right on the tip of me tongue to say, "only when it's served with Parmesan cheese", but, Frank I didn't..." Rita has learnt to hold her tongue in certain situations as she has shown here. However as the scene goes on we can see that Rita has also gained some undesirable characteristics. Without her realising she has become pretentious she no longer has respect for books the way she used to. "She tosses the book on the desk on the UP left bookcase." When Willy Russell says, "she tosses..." it is suggesting that it is fine to handle books in an ostentatious manner. ...read more.


Rita is brushing off the subject too quickly; she has acquired a more superior manner, with which Frank is not happy with. Rita seems to feel the need to change her surrounding environment as well as her personality. In this case she has chosen Frank. Frank however is not oblivious to Rita's ways. He senses that Rita is trying to conform him to her standards he questions her about this: "Are you trying to reform me?" the fact that Frank questions her is almost patronising as he himself is also changing. Towards the end of Act 2 Scene 2 Frank is using some of Rita's colloquialisms: Rita: Honest? Frank: Dead honest. Rita has influenced Frank in many ways her speech being one of them but she has also made him see that there is a point to life. Frank was one of Rita's main inspirations, but since coming back from summer school Rita has found inspiration elsewhere. In this regard Rita's new inspiration is in the form of a character called Trish. Though we never meet Trish we hear an awful lot about her. Rita looks up to Trish and almost idolises her. ...read more.


As Rita is becoming more educated her relationship with Frank is facing a crisis: " It struck me that there was a time when you told me everything." As they continue to discuss the situation it is clear that Frank dislikes what Rita has become, she accuses him of not being able to accept that she has changed for the better since he first met her, which in some ways is true. "... what you can't bear is that I am educated now. What's up, Frank, don't y' like me now that the little girl's grown up..." Rita has changed in many ways since returning from her time spent in summer school. She has acquired more knowledge but has also become pretentious. She has the confidence to be able to talk to the "proper students" and simply dismissed them as spouting rubbish. Frank is aware that Rita has changed and is in some ways jealous of Rita's popularity with the students. He very much dislikes that Rita has become just like the other students she is no longer unique, and has lost her quirkiness, however this was exactly what Frank said he would do. "Rita I'm going to have to change you" Maryam Marmar S11 Educating Rita Ms.Lee 1 ...read more.

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