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In What Way is This Scene Important in the Play? How does Arthur Miller make it particulary dramatic?

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In What Way is This Scene Important in the Play? How does Arthur Miller make it particulary dramatic? The book 'A view from the Bridge' is written by Arthur Miller and is set in the late 1940 early 1950. The scene takes place in a town called Red Hook, which is situated in Brooklyn, New York. This scene is important to the play, 'A View from the Bridge' because it adds a lot of love, hate, jealousy, and tension between the three characters. This scene is also important to the play because it reveals different themes, and shows changes in character loyalties. Arthur Miller the writer of 'a view from the bridge' adds tension by using 'pause' and 'halts' to create a dramatic atmosphere between Eddie, Catherine, and Rodolpho. When Arthur Miller uses tension it reflects on the characters by desperation. This is the most important part of the play because Eddie is turning his back on his wife's cousins even he told Catherine and Beatrice about the story of the little boy who told. ...read more.


From the moment Marco and Rodolpho came to America as illegal immigrants, Eddie showed his disapproval by mocking Rodolpho, because he likes 'paper doll' and tries to make out that Rodolpho is homosexual 'Rodolpho makin' you a dress?' and when he is scared that Catherine will go away 'Eddie pins his arms, laughing, and suddenly kisses him' this is Eddie now taking desperate measures to keep Catherine at all costs. I think that this scene is important to the play because it shows the build up between Eddie and Rodolpho, and how Catherine and Rodolpho love each other, but there is also a lot of love between Eddie and Catherine and Catherine doesn't want Eddie to get hurt. At the start of the play Eddie just seems like a caring uncle, but as the play goes on Eddie gets more protective and doesn't care for Catherine's feelings. This scene also shows the changes in character loyalties, it shows how Catherine and Eddie is close together and now she is siding with Rodolpho, also it is destroying their family with all the anger and jealousy which then stems into hate between Eddie, Catherine, and Rodolpho. ...read more.


Arthur Miller also uses physical actions to show the tension between the characters. For example 'Eddie grabs her arm', 'she frees her arm, steps back toward the bedroom', 'he reaches out suddenly, draws him to her, and as she strives to free herself he kisses her on the mouth', 'Rodolpho flies at him in attack. Eddie pins his arms, laughing, and suddenly kisses him', 'spun round by Rodolpho', 'he pulls on Eddie's arm'. Arthur Miller also uses tears to emphise the love and tension between Eddie, Catherine, and Rodolpho. In this scene all three characters have cried, first Catherine cries 'sobs of pity and love for him breaks her composure', next Eddie cries 'she sees tears in his eyes', and Rodolpho cries 'with tears of rage'. I think that Arthur Miller makes this scene particularly dramatic by adding tension in six different ways. Arthur Miller used language, stage directions, short sentences, physical actions, pauses, and tears. I think that pauses makes the scene most dramatic because is creates a dramatic atmosphere by adding tension and excitement to the text. Nicholas Rodrigues 10S Part 1 Miss. Norman ...read more.

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